May 31, 2016

Brian StevensOver the years, working with hundreds of clients, I have found that one principle reigns paramount to most others… consistency. You cannot workout for 10 hours in one day and see significant change. But, workout for 20 minutes a day for 30 days, and you’ll notice a major difference.  That’s a difficult thing to do when we live in a “now” society.

We want our Starbucks now.  We want to open our phone and get our emails now.  News, Sports, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram (“instant” is even part of the name)… we want it all NOW.

There are no shortcuts to transforming your physique. The clients that have exercised patience; trusted the process and consistently executed the plan have endured to show the best results; in both the short term and the long term.

Brian is no exception.  His transformation spans nearly two years.  Brian has been dedicated and is a walking example of what consistency will do for you.

Here’s what he had to say about his journey:

When I was in high school I was into weight training and I was a Varsity Lacrosse goalie in Maryland. At 18, I started my career as a Fire Fighter.

I have always strived to be in the best shape possible for the job that I do.  And, I felt that I was.  However I’ve always kind of yo-yo’d. I have a huge sweet tooth, which is my vice, and have gone up and down in pants size over the years mainly due to my eating habits (mostly donuts, a half dozen at a time).

A little over two years ago, on a visit back to my wife’s home state of Arizona, I was close to my heaviest weight of 235 lbs. I started chatting with my brother-in-law, Adam, about his passion for exercise and nutrition. We did a couple High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workouts together; what a fun, fast paced and empowering couple of workouts those turned out to be. From there, I was hooked!

I enjoyed this style and kept it up when I returned back to Maryland. Adam continued to help me with diet, logging my food, tracking my macros and programming my workouts from over 2500 miles away. He sends me (almost daily) ideas for workouts, and we exchange challenges and messages of encouragement.

With Adams guidance, coupled with hard work and consistency, I have gone from being in “decent shape” to being the fittest I’ve ever looked and felt!  I have increased my endurance, strength and dropped body fat.  My weight is now around 185, that’s  a 50 lb difference from where I started!