August 1, 2016

Chance is a prime example of a stellar athlete that trusted the process and was rewarded with the results.

As you can tell from his “before” picture, he already maintained reasonably low body-fat levels.  I can assure you, that didn’t come from a sub-par workout regimen or a lack of attention with his eating habits.

Chance worked out 5-6 days/ week and was meticulous about what he ate to fuel his body. So, how did he go from good to great…?!

  1. Nutrition (flexible dieting and macro tracking specifically); he UPPED his calories AND carbs to fuel his workouts.  All while lowering his protein intake – yes lowering!
  2. High Intensity, Functional Training – he didn’t add “cardio” he simply turned his weight training sessions into HIIT sessions and competed against the clock.
  3. He put faith in and trusted in “the process” (the things he could control) and allowed the rest to fall in to place.

Here’s a little of what Chance had to say about his experience.

I want to take a moment to send a shoutout to my on-line exercise and nutrition coach, Adam Petropolis, at Copper State FIT.  Here are some of the things I love about following Adam’s lead.

With the CSF Workout Programming, I’m doing exercises that I would never do without a coach’s gentle nudge. I get to compete with an amazing community from afar. I’m closing in on 38 and in the best shape and condition of my life.

On the nutrition side of things, he has me eating 3,166 calories a day including 376 grams of carbs. 376 GRAMS! I get to eat foods I love everyday. I should be sponsored by LIFE Cereal. I’m eating pizza as I type. And yep that’s me on the right doing something I swore I’d never do (posting a selfie…shirtless selfie at that). But if I can help somebody else experience the freedom and fulfillment that I have then so be it.