September 26, 2016

Grace was a “macro queen”, often hitting her weekly goals TO THE GRAM.  And, from time to time, she, like everyone else, needed a little reminder that that slow = fast in the fat loss game!  In the end, she transformed both on the inside and out! Sometimes, you just need someone to believe in you for you to start believing in yourself.

I’ll let Grace tell her story…

I’ll start by describing myself as a fit girl, that made not-so-fit decisions. A girl that loves a weight room + macro counting but one that has struggled with years of disordered eating + self-sabotage with food.

I was referred to Adam and Copper State FIT at a point of pure frustration with myself, metabolism, and body almost at my heaviest; Adam’s genuine and understanding initiative immediately assured me that we would make progress.

The most effective part of the coaching process for me was the weekly follow up calls, having that one-on-one support is so valuable and something I have never had with a coach before. It was also a chance to learn – Adam is so knowledgeable and enjoys teaching his clients about the ‘WHY’ and ‘HOW’, which I appreciate!
Adam was patience when I didn’t have my own, he always reminded me that slow and steady is sustainable and the kind of results that matter. When you join CSF, you always have someone on your team who truly cares!
A few months later, I am no longer frustrated but have found my own “state of fit” and am so excited to continue this journey, thanks Adam for guiding me back to the right path!

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