September 5, 2016

Kacey is a wife and mother of two.  She’s an entrepreneur, an incredible photographer, make-up-artist, blogger, flexible dieter, macro-hunter, CrossFitter and inspiration to many!

Like most, Kacey bounced around from diet to diet and she tried just about every workout program under the sun. All roads led to frustration and angst.

Fortunately, Kacey decided to take the advice of Shark Tank’s Mr. Wonderful (Kevin O’leary) and ‘stop the madness’! I’m kidding… truth be told, Kacey hired the help of a macro coach and joined Copper State FIT group programming.  As you can see; things turned out okay!

Here’s what Kacey had to say about the group programming:

What I love about training in my garage is that it’s convenient AND I’m not afraid to mess up, drop the bar or fall off the pull-up bar (again). It’s an easy place to try new things and not fear looking dumb or weak. I follow the online group programming – from Copper State FIT – It’s a virtual gym, so people from all over the country can log in, access the workouts and log them in the end. We compete with each other, cheer each other on and it keeps all of our personal records in one place so we know when we improve and make progress! You can join too.. just click on that link above! Work out with me! ?

When I started the group programming, my coach, Adam said “just focus on performance and the aesthetics will follow.” 

I have fallen in love with the competitiveness, the grit, the sweat, the dread and the reward. Loving what I am doing for exercise is a game changer. I’m no longer working out as a punishment for how I’ve eaten, but as a celebration of what my body is capable of.


On a final note; I was waiting for Kacey to publish her new website… and, IT… WAS… WORTH… THE… WAIT!!! If you haven’t been there yet, take a minute (or 30 – smile) and take a look HERE.  You’ll find all kinds of amazing nuggets of information about flexible dieting/ macro tracking and some cool recipes.  And, the pictures… just go check it out!

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