December 4, 2016


Cheyanne’s story may resonate with a few of you.  On her own, she subscribed to the roller-coaster method; very restrictive dieting followed by feeling overwhelmed and then and returning to old habits.  Up… down… up… down…

Then, shortly after beginning our program, Cheyanne was able to change her perspective on food, balance the stresses of life and she began to see dramatic change.  She dropped 16 lbs and went from 25.9% body-fat to 19%.  See what she had to say about her experience with our coaching program.

Before being introduced to Adam at Copper State FIT, I was struggling with the way I would eat. I would try to eat really healthy (which in my mind also meant not eating very much) not knowing that really I was hurting myself. I would eat this way for two weeks and then just binge on everything in site for four. I could never find something that allowed me to have my sweet tooth and still lose weight.

When Adam started coaching me it was as if a light bulb went off in my head! I finally realized that eating healthy doesn’t have to mean restricting yourself from the things you like it’s really just eating things in moderation.

It was crazy to see the pounds start melting off my body and I still could have a glass of wine at night or a small cookie during the day. He taught me how to balance my eating and my life and where to find a happy medium of having fun but staying healthy.

I remember one week I was freaking out because I was stressed with school and work and I felt like it was impossible to stick to my plan… then, Adam called me. He gave me a smaller goal to focus on (inside my big goal) which made me feel less stressed that week and comforted.

I am forever grateful for all I have learned from Adam. His encouragement and drive only made me want to work harder as a person and reach my weight loss goal. Overall I lost 16 pounds, which is more than I have ever lost on any typical diet I had tried in the past.

If you are debating whether or not this program is right for you I challenge you to give Adam one month because you will be amazed at the results you will see and how much better you will feel just after one month!

Thank you Adam for all your hard work and showing me a new way of healthy eating.


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