January 2, 2017

Sabrina Bollenberg, has such an inspiring transformation; her story HAS to be told.  Once you learn that Sabrina is a wife, mother of 4, CrossFit coach, professional photographer and yes… a macro pro, the excuses holding you back will quickly fade away.

Hear what she had to say about her journey.  Hopefully, you’ll be inspired to take the next step for yourself.


My journey started a few years ago when I walked into a CrossFit gym for the first time. Having never stuck with a workout routine for longer than a few weeks, I figured it would be the same story all over again. Instead, I surprised myself when I fell in love with everything about it; the atmosphere, people, hard work, and results! Fast forward 2 years and I realized I was hitting a plateau, not only on weight loss, but endurance and strength. I faced the hard reality that the only way to improve from there was to change my nutrition.

Having dabbled in “fad” diets I was instantly discouraged because I was afraid it would once again be the same story, try and give up. You see, I am extremely picky and very stubborn, so having someone tell me what I can and cannot eat, doesn’t sit well. Enter IIFYM. What!? You mean to tell me I can eat 2 Oreos every night before bed, “if it fits” and LOSE weight?! I had to give it a shot, I mean, Oreos? No-brainer.

Hiring a Macro coach was the game changer for me. Having the freedom to eat what I wanted, and not feeling patronized when meeting with my coach for my sporadic “bad” food choices I made, was liberating. The results I had, were even better. Not only was I looking better, and finding definition in places I never DREAMED of seeing it, I FELT amazing. My energy levels increased, and all of the sudden I started hitting PR’s in the gym again. I was getting smaller and stronger every day.

Yes, it was hard work. Yes, sometimes it’s a pain in the butt to measure everything. Yes, there were times I wanted to just quit. But in the end, it was easy to keep going because IT WORKED. I will forever be grateful for the knowledge I’ve gained and the new relationship I have with food. I now know what fuels my body and how to eat to achieve my goals. The sky is now the limit and I plan to keep going!


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