March 13, 2017

I knew Catie was determined from the moment we first spoke. On her consultation, when I asked about her goals, she quickly rattled them of to me just like this…

  1. Learn how and what to meal prep – as a full time college student – to make me more successful in the gym.
  2. Be able to accomplish push-ups and pull-ups with ease
  3. Be able to run in a Spartan Race

She couldn’t have been more specific.  So, we did just that!  We established calorie and macronutrient goals.  Then we discussed which foods would be portable enough to tote from class to class AND were budget friendly as a college student.  We stressed the importance of macronutrient timing, around her workouts, to optimize performance and recovery. We spoke of proper hydration and adequate sleep. Catie took all this information and executed!  Week after week, she was setting new personal bests.  And, just last month, Catie completed that Spartan Race!

And, here’s what Catie had to say about her experience in our coaching program:

Copper State fit’s coaching program has been such an eye opening experience. Preparing meals, with the proper macronutrients, has given me the opportunity to be a better athlete in the gym; consistently hitting new personal records. I’ve been able to fulfill big goals I set for myself; the 8.5 mile Spartan super desert race and attempting the CrossFit open for the first time. I was capable because I set aside time for planning and meal prepping. Over the course of the program, I discussed with my coach the ups and downs and how to be consistent, stay balanced and stay on track. I knew eating the right amount of carbs, fats, and proteins to fit my lifestyle was important but I never imagined it would pay off as much as it has. Feeling toned and strong is such a rewarding feeling. Nutrition gives you the reward when you trust the process, stay consistent with a lot of patience. Give nutrition all your efforts and it will give you rewards you could only dream of.