August 21, 2017

 Not all clients come to us at the beginning of their journey.  In fact, many come to us after seeing great results on their own. Then, suddenly, they hit a plateau and don’t know where to turn. This was exactly the case with Lakesha.
Lakesha had lost significant weight and inches.  And when her results began to stall she tried even harder by making greater restrictions and giving herself less flexibility.  As you can imagine, this lifestyle can be difficult to sustain long term.
As we spoke on our initial consult, it became clear; Lakesha was simply missing a few key principles that would allow her to have MORE flexibility and break through her plateau.  It meant taking a step back to “re-learn” some cornerstones of the process.  And, we both knew that our 7 pillar approach would teach her those principles and set her up for success.
Here is what she had to say:
I started my weight loss/healthier lifestyle May 2016. I was very successful in my solo journey losing a total of 47 lbs with clean eating and working out approximately 3 times a week at my local playground (mostly cardio). And let me tell you I was feeling amazing!! As winter approached I was forced to take my exercising indoors and finally put my gym membership to good use. In October 2016, I stepped into the gym to continue my cardio while slowly implementing some more full body work outs here and there and dabbling with free weights.
The more I exercised and the heavier I lifted I soon realized that the way I was eating was not sufficient enough for my workouts. I became tired and lethargic (I started to feel the same way I felt before I started my journey) So after some research I discovered Macro counting. I switched my eating methods to counting macros. I continued to lift weights everyday, watching my muscles grow but I noticed my  fat loss had come to a halt. And although I felt good, I was no longer seeing the results that I wanted to see which, let’s be honest, is what most of us want: a shrinking waist!!! So I restricted my diet even more (no more cheats) and still no results.
I was already familair with Copper State fit on Instagram but decided to reach out to them after seeing a friend’s success via facebook. After my free consultation with Adam I knew Copper State was exactly what I needed. Adam ensured me I was on the right track and congratulated me on my solo success, but explained to me that Copper State Fit could teach me flexibility while still being able to reach and maintain my goals.
I started my weekly check-ins with Coach Sabrina April 2017 and learned a ton just from our first call. I was eating too much, and not measuring my food properly. She assured me if I kept to the 80/20 rule I would see progress. With her guidance, Coach Sabrina helped me get on track and hit my macros 7 days a week.  My body transformed tremendously in just 3 short months, and I couldn’t be happier.


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