October 2, 2017

Like many of our clients, Amy was working a sedentary job where she spent most of her day sitting in front of a computer.  Determined to lead a more healthy lifestyle, she began exercising 5-6 days per week. And, on top of that, to give her a goal to set her sights on, she signed up for a 10K. With all the training and exercise, Amy had seen good results and improved her fitness level considerably. However, she had reached a bit of a plateau and knew that nutrition was the missing piece of the puzzle. Amy reached out to us and immediately, we began to see her efforts paying off. In the end, Amy lost over 30 lbs, dropped over 10% body-fat and over 10 inches off her waist and hips combined. Amy not only ran her 10K, she signed up for several more and continued to improve her Dri-Tri performance at Orange Theory Fitness! We’re proud of Amy. Here’s what she had to say:


I contacted Adam at Copper State FIT when I finally realized “you can’t out exercise a bad diet.” Even though I was going to the gym four to five times a week, my body didn’t seem to be responding the way I thought it should. The scale wasn’t budging much and and when it did, was going up! It was very discouraging.

To say the decision to work with Copper State FIT  was a life-changer would be the understatement of the year. With their help, guidance and encouragement I discovered how to look at food as more than an emotional tool for comfort. The food we eat can bring us positive emotions for sure, but it can do quite the opposite if we let it control us. Instead I learned to treat food more as its intended, fuel for our body (and something to be enjoyed in moderation).

For me, finally getting a hold on the negative feelings that I associated with food (emotional eating anyone?) translated into me making positive changes not only in my physical health, but also in my emotional well-being. Do I still love comfort foods? Of course, but I don’t turn to then for that emotional comfort anymore (well, not nearly as much as I used to).

Instead I do a workout (that is surprisingly easier when I’ve fueled myself correctly!) I have discovered more creative ways to eat protein (it doesn’t always have to be plain broiled chicken). I’ve found that there’s way more to carbs than bread (I mean, doesn’t everyone think carbs = bread and that means it’s evil.) Like I said earlier, everything in moderation. Even chocolate! Yum!

With the tools provided, I’ve become an even better version of me.