November 28, 2017

Ashley’s story is impressive and inspiring. She is a wife, a mom and a doctor working LONG hours as she completes her residency. Ashley makes no excuses. She finds the time to juggle all of this AND STILL follows her workout and nutrition plans.  We can all agree, when Ashley makes up her mind to do something, it gets done!

Check out what Ashley had to say below. Then, be sure to listen to her interview on our podcast for a more in depth perspective on at her journey.





I joined Copper State Fit at the end of my intern year of residency. I was tired of not having anything to show for the work I put in the gym for years. I had also given in to the pressure of working hard (80 hour work weeks most of the year) and feeling like I deserved to eat without limits every day. So after finding Copper State Fit, I jumped in head first.

I can’t say enough good things about this program. I get nutrition coaching, workouts, an amazing community of like-minded people, and an all-star coach to keep me motivated. The value of having a coach is immeasurable. For most of my journey my coach, Sabrina, has believed that I could attain goals that I thought were far-fetched, but all I did was trust her and the results followed.

I became a doctor to help people who are motivated to become the healthiest version of themselves, but it’s hard to help others without having the confidence in your own self first. I now feel like I can do anything I put my mind to and hope to help others feel the same.


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