December 20, 2017

When Isabelle and I spoke on the phone for her consultation, I got the sense that she had lost the confidence in her own body.  She had suffered through debilitating hip bursitis and then fibromyalgia soon followed. And, the pain coupled with the inability to perform her favorite types of exercise led to her gaining weight.

While weight loss was one of Isabelle’s goals, it was preceded by more functional goals. She wanted to do some of the normal things she had always done before. In her words,  here’s how she put it… “I want my body to feel strong, feel that I can trust it (Fibromyalgia sucked the light out of me for a good 3 years…). I want to keep my muscles, be able to move stuff around the house by myself and bring ALL the grocery bags at once if I want to. I want to set an example of a strong woman for my kids (both girls and my son).”

The fact that Isabelle kept her focus on those things enabled her to fight through the journey and trust the process. Even through some major adversities – like being displaced by a hurricane – Isabelle was able to lean on what she had learned and have that as her compass through the challenging times. In doing so, she lost over 22 lbs, over 8 inches on her waist and hips and 7.9% body-fat.

Here’s what Isabelle had to say:


When I enrolled with Copper State FIT, I was in a bad relationship with my body. A hip injury left me with fibromyalgia (and weight gain) and I had a hard time trusting my body with its new limitations.
Working with Sabrina was exactly what I needed. She gave me the tools to reach my goal, one by one, so it was never overwhelming. On those weeks where I saw no improvements, she reminded me where I was coming from. Her support made all the difference; instead of going back to twisted behaviors, I would brace myself, move on and trust the process.
While the last couple of months I stalled, I also actually MAINTAINED through a hurricane and a move cross-country. I know I can still work towards getting stronger while fueling my body the right way. Thanks to Sabrina and CSF, I’m set for life!

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