February 26, 2018

On her consultation, Sarah told us… “I’ve have had 2 kids in 2 years. I do daily (CrossFit type workouts) and do not see results. I am frustrated and feeling defeated. I feel like I am consistent with working out and eating what I think is healthy, but I cannot get lean. I would like to feel more confident and successful!” 

The reality was, Sarah was spinning her wheels because she believed that eating “healthy” was enough. Unfortunately, too much of a good thing isn’t always a good thing. We helped Sarah dial in her calorie and macronutrient goals while she continued to chose healthy foods to fit her nutrition targets. When needed, we made changes to her nutrition goals.  We programmed her workouts and made sure the nutrition supported and matched  the workouts being done. When she was dialed in, the changes were quite drastic! And, a very important point to make; Sarah lost NO WEIGHT! Yet, she lost almost 8″ in her waist and hips combined while dropping 9.8% body-fat.

Hear what Sarah had to say about her journey with us:


I joined Copper State FIT when I was 12 months postpartum with my second baby. I worked out hard most of my life and watched my diet (so I thought). I was sick and tired of working out 5-6 days a week and not seeing the results I felt like I deserved!
After both of my babies I was able to get back to my pre pregnancy weight, but my body was carrying fat in different places. I knew a lot about nutrition and I knew how it was the most important aspect of weight loss, but I didn’t know how to put it into action without feeling deprived!
I followed Kacey Luvi Pearson on Instagram and she posted on social media about how counting macros with Copper State FIT was a game changer for her. I looked at her before and after photos and I felt like we had very similar body types. I knew if this worked for other people then I could do this too!
Joining Copper State FIT was an eye opening experience for me in terms of food. I was able to learn what MY body needed without feeling deprived. I saw great results despite the scale not budging at all! I always thought your weight had to drop in order to look a certain way, but for me it was all about body fat. My weight stayed the same because I dropped body fat, but gained muscle instead.
Previously I was always guessing at what I thought I should eat or how much I should eat and through this program I learned how to have complete control and it was a truly freeing experience. It was so nice to have a coach to lead you along the way and a community to support you when in need.
I recently became pregnant with my third baby and I am eager to continue my journey with Copper State FIT after I have this baby. I feel much more in control now of my body this pregnancy since learning about macros. This program teaches you about a fulfilling and sustainable relationship with food and I am thankful for that!