March 26, 2018

When we spoke on her initial consultation, Amber said… “I’m at my heaviest weight I’ve ever been but I’m probably the happiest – because the scale doesn’t control me. I know I need help if I want to lose weight the right way. My WHY is because my late mother would want me to do this. Not because she wanted me to lose weight, but because all she ever wanted was for me to be happy and put myself first sometimes. Living a healthy lifestyle is important to me because I want to get the most out of life – and for me that’s the only way to do it.”

Amber put in the work and her results are incredible! Over a 10 month period, she lost, 60 lbs,  dropped 26% body fat, lost inches 24.5″ in waist and hips combined. And, while the physical transformation is astonishing, the change in her mindset and new approach to healthy eating are the real wins!

Check out what Amber had to say below. Then, be sure to listen to her interview on our podcast for a more in depth perspective on at her journey.





I used to think people who were thin just had more willpower and motivation. That didn’t sit well with me because I thought I had mental toughness. I had been through some dark times (like we all have) and had been able to work through it. I lost my mother and father in the same year and have been able to find happiness amidst those pits of grief. I had struggled with a vicious cycle of restrictive eating and bingeing for a decade but around the time of their deaths in 2013 had somehow stopped – knowing my desire to be thin and the way I was going about it was destructive. So I stopped restricting/caring as much about my food choices and the bingeing stopped but the pounds packed on.

Now I was very overweight and knew I needed a change but was terrified. How would this be any different from all my other failed attempts? I took a leap of faith when my sister told me about our friend, Brianna Paulsen, having success with Copper State Fit.

Coach Adam and the CSF tribe have helped me find the balance I’d been craving. I didn’t cut out any foods, never feel deprived and am able to still be social and have fun.

I track all my food the night before in My Fitness Pal, seriously increased my protein, learned a thing or two in the kitchen and traded in marathons for weight lifting. And the weekly coaching calls are also like free therapy sessions thrown in!

To me these pics are my before/during photos. I still have work to do but will get there by being consistent – not perfect.



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