April 2, 2018

Brooke reached out because she wanted accountability with her nutrition. Her exercise was on point. She was doing 5-6x week strength training and running 10+ miles per week in training for a half-marathon. Yet, she wasn’t seeing the changes in her physique that she was hoping to see.

By her own admission, the weekends were sabotaging her results. Once we helped create some planned flexibility, Brooke thrived.  A few trips to the cabin with the family. A night out with friends here and there; all with a strategy to be flexible, yet remain on track and that did the trick.

In the end, Brooke was able to lose 16 lbs, 11% body fat and 9.75″ from her waist and hips. That’s not all, Brooke finished her half marathon in record pace. She achieved personal bests in several lifts at the gym and improved her score in several CrossFit workouts along the way!

Here’s what Brooke had to say:


I contacted Adam at Copper State FIT when I reached a real low. I was coming back from a sports injury and had gained some unwanted weight. I was killing myself hitting the gym 6 times a week and running when possible. But, I couldn’t lose a pound! So frustrating. I was trying to lose weight with exercise only, but my bad diet habits were holding me back. I knew I needed help to balance my nutrition along with exercise.
Working with a coach at Copper State FIT has been such a game changer! Weekly check-ins over the phone we’re so convenient and helped me keep that commitment to my long term goal. Losing the weight was icing on the cake to feeling in control of my diet and feeling happy about the way I look!