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We get asked many questions regarding sushi. What can I eat? Do I have to skip sushi? Can I eat rolls? Eating out, especially at sushi restaurants can cause anxiety but it shouldn’t. With just a bit of homework and pre-logging, you’ll be enjoying sushi with your friends and family and still crushing your nutrition goals!

There are definitely some dos and don’ts when it comes to choosing your food. First, you’ll want to check the restaurant’s nutrition information online BEFORE you go. Most well known sushi restaurants will have this readily available, however smaller restaurants may not so you’ll want to only order items similar to the ones we have listed here and enter them manually into MyFitnessPal.

Most rolls have a lot of rice but very little protein and a lot of fat. Steer clear of any fried rolls and those with cream cheese or imitation crab. You’ll get the most protein from pieces of fresh fish called sashimi (no rice, just fish) or Nigiri (fish pieces on top of rice- 2 per order). If rolls are your thing, order fish rolls plain such as Tuna rolls or yellowtail rolls (seaweed, rice, fish) and ask for Siracha sauce, low sodium soy sauce, and wasabi on the side. These rolls typically contain 12-16g of protein, 4-10g fat, and 30-40g of carbs.

Here is an example of an order we have at our local sushi restaurant:

Seaweed Salad- 120 calories

Miso Soup- 19 calories

Chicken Yakatori- 210 calories

Garlic Citrus Yellowtail- 70 calories

Spicy Tuna Roll- 220 calories

Total calories: 639- 82C/15F/79P

We like to order a high protein item such as the chicken skewers to round out the meal and hit our macro goals. Choosing one roll and some appetizers alongside it will allow you to feel satisfied while maintaining your new lifestyle. Here are some other options we like:

Edamame- 80 calories: 4C/4F/8P

Garlic Green Beans-120 calories: 17C/3F/6P

Seasoned Squid Salad-120 calories: 9C/4F/13P

Tuna Tataki- 300 calories: 7C/14F/36P