June 3, 2018

Kendra is a hard working married mom of 3 little ones, all under the age of 5. She came to us just 6 weeks after having her third with her sights set on losing 20 lbs, and as she put it… “learn to eat a bit healthier with still being able to occasionally indulge in the things I enjoy without overdoing it.” 

Working out wouldn’t be the challenge, she was already accustomed to working out 5-6 days/ week. So, changing her nutritional habits would be our focus. Kendra lost 19.5 lbs, 13.5″ from her waist and hips and an incredible 15.2% body fat!! I’d say she nailed it!

Here’s what Kendra  had to say:

Hi! My name is Kendra! I am a wife and mother of 3 crazy little one’s ages ranging 3 and down! My life is CHAOS. LOVELY, BEAUTIFUL, MESSY CHAOS. But, before all this chaos and before college and marriage I was an athlete. I was always doing something active and competitive. Once I hit college that activity level decreased tremendously. I was never one to “watch what I ate”. I never tracked my foods, never weighed them. Honestly, never cared about my nutrition. I never “struggled” with my weight.

Once college was over I started noticing the extra weight that I had gained with zero activity and not paying attention to my food. I can’t say I got “huge” but I did gain about 20lbs from the start of freshman year (2003 – weighed 115) to the day I got married (2010-weighed 139), which was my heaviest I had ever weighed at that point. Still, never felt “heavy”. I just knew I had gained weight based on the scale.

Fast forward 5 years and I had just had my second baby in 2 years. That did it! Although I tried to make exercise a routine during both of those pregnancies, health issues during each pregnancy made it where I couldn’t work out at all anymore until baby was born. With my first, it was my back. With my second, it was an emergency gallbladder removal surgery at 30 weeks pregnant. After my second was born I was so heavy, so uncomfortable in my own skin, that I didn’t know what to do.

I joined a gym where I made great friends (one who pointed me to Copper State Fit later on). I dropped 10 lbs with increased exercise and trying a 3-week Beach Body Challenge (see – I’m competitive so I had to drop the most weight of course). Then, I got pregnant again. This pregnancy was “easy”. Had zero issues other than the usual. I worked out up until the day I went into labor. Like literally – Friday morning I worked out and Friday night I went into labor. I gained only 16 lbs but even still – lacked the nutrition.

It was after my 3rd baby was born (3 babies in 3 years) that I finally said ENOUGH. I know I can drop SOME weight with exercise but that’s not enough. I wanted to FEEL and BE healthy. I started with Jenn at Copper State Fit in August 2017 in hopes to LEARN about the foods that FUEL my body. Yes – I had some weight to lose (20 lbs that I wanted off) but I really wanted learn more about MY body and HOW nutrition affects ME. In October 2017 I decided to start training to “become a runner”. I signed up for a couch to 10k with a few friends to learn to run. WHO KNEW that I would ENJOY running?

In just 7 months I’ve gone from not being able to run 400 meters to being able to run 10 miles! I KNOW that nutrition has played a HUGE role in that success – plus, even though I was a tad short on my “goal” of dropping 20 lbs, I lost inches EVERYWHERE and LOVE my new body composition that I don’t care what the scale says! It’s just another tool in the toolbox!

Jenn helped me LEARN about how nutrition can influence my training and workouts for the BETTER. I have NEVER seen results like I have with combining proper nutrition with proper training. No matter what stage of life you are in right now – Copper State Fit CAN help you! Give them a try!


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