September 30, 2018

When we spoke with Lucy on her consultation, here’s what she said: “… Since college my weight has never been consistent and I’ve tried probably every diet… I’ve done Atkins, Paleo, and Ideal Protein. I’ve been successful with all of them. My down fall is; I get lazy and let old bad habits creep in… usually always gain my weight back within a year.” 

So, we knew this was NOT a goal to lose weight/ fat. Lucy had been successful doing that many times. This was a journey to learn the PROCESS and develop the SKILLS and the TOOLS to acheive optimal weight/ body composition and maintain while maximizing her performance in the gym.

Lucy was very successful. In the process, as we knew she would, Lucy lost around 20 lbs, 9% body fat and over 8″ from her waist and hips. And more importantly, Lucy has developed the HABITS and SKILLS needed to maintain this time around!

Here’s what Lucy had to say:


Hello!  My name is Lucy and I’m married and have three kids.  I’m 41 and feeling great thanks to Copper State Fit.  Back in November 2017 not so much, I was feeling frustrated and defeated.  I was up 20 lbs and working out 3 days a week and just couldn’t seem to lose the weight.  A friend at Orange Theory mentioned I might be interested in Copper State Fit.  Before I knew it I was consulting with Adam and I was sold.  First I thought I was crazy because it was right around Thanksgiving but I jumped in anyway.

I must admit, I was pretty nervous about joining because I knew this was going to be a huge commitment.   I was going to have stop my bad habits and learn to be a better planner, more consistent, learn to weigh food and record, budget my calories and macronutrients… and not  quit!  I was pleasantly surprised to learn flexible dieting or counting macros didn’t feel like dieting.  There has not been a day where I felt deprived of anything.  I have learned so much in these past months that I know will help me for the rest of my life.

I had to reprogram my way of thinking.  For so long I thought I had to eat only high protein and fats and low carbs to lose weight which does work, but as soon as I’d stop I’d gain it back and then some.  That was my life in a nutshell.  Now I  eat almost anything I want within reason.  For example if I want a beer or  movie theater popcorn then I plug in and work around it.  I love how this program starts out slow and teaches you to focus on one goal at a time whether hitting your calories, full macros, fiber, cutting back on  alcohol, and the list goes on and on.  I couldn’t believe how much mindless snacking I was doing before the program.  Not anymore!

I think there are many  strategies to this program.  I’ve noticed how some are Sunday food preppers. I wish I was one them, but I did struggle with that.  I try hard not to be a “retro-tracker” (someone who makes the mistake of eating food before checking if it fits the daily calorie/ macro budget). For the most part I’m not because because I tend to eat the same foods  with the exception of dinner.  What worked for me and were my most successful weeks were the ones where I pre logged my dinners.   Sometimes I would do this the morning of or a couple of days at a time.  When I did this then I could tweak my breakfast, a.m. snack, lunch, and afternoon snack.  I tend to eat the same foods most day for breakfast to afternoon snack because it’s easy.  So that’s what worked for me.  Also I think it helped to increasing my workouts to five days a week (from 3).

Lastly, The coaching has been such a positive experience.  Coach Jenn was super motivating and  encouraging every check in call.  I learned to change my thinking of “I’m going to try fill in the blank” to “I’m going to do fill in the blank .   She taught me to focus on one task at a time (baby steps).

I’m excited to say I’ve completed 10 months and on my way to learning  reverse and maintenance. This has truly been a life changer for me!

Thanks for the knowledge!!!

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