October 29, 2018

Even before our consultation, just reading through Charlie’s questionnaire, I knew we had a fighter. The youngest of 5 kids, married, small business owner (of 26 years), 11 full marathons, 4 triathlons, countless half marathons, 10K’s and 5 k’s… and biggest feat of them all… Breast Cancer survivor!

Every now and then we have a client that follows our blueprint TO THE LETTER. As you might expect, when this happens, we have VERY happy clients. Yet, it goes even further than that. Examples like Charlie’s impress even us coaches with what our bodies are capable of when fueled properly and pushed physically!

We had to temper expectations, because we truly didn’t know how Charlie’s body would respond. All we knew was; if Charlie dialed in her nutrition and continued to challenge her body with exercise, we would see results. Charlie said “…if I can have a rocking cancer survivor body… I will be THRILLED!“.

I would say, Charlie accomplished that and MUCH more. In the first 3 months, Charlie dropped 17 lbs, 7% body fat, 6.5” from her waist and hips combined. Then, she decided to REALLY push herself. Read below to see what Charlie had to say… and what she decided to do.


I CAN control my body!!! After breast cancer battle (2013 @ 40 yrs old) and complete hysterectomy (2015); no matter how little I ate and how much I ran my weight continued to creep up. A friend recommended Copper State FIT. A phone consultation with Adam late October 2017 was the turning point!

Adam was very honest in telling me that with absolutely no hormones in my body I might not be able to get back to where I was precancer, but CSF could definitely make a difference for me. He assured me that I could be an avid runner and build muscle mass. This was a big deal to me!!! His honesty made me trust him. Then came my coach, Sabrina!

Wow! Sabrina was just what I needed. She totally turned my food world upside down. Within 3 months I was down to my goal weight and never felt deprived of food. I felt I was in control of my body again & was loving it! Then my focus changed… in February 2018 I signed up For my 1st Ultra 50 mile run!

With that goal in mind, Sabrina was amazing in keeping me properly fed and focused. Many weeks she would give me my nutrition goals and I would think “ holy crap …no way,” but she always was right, my body has allowed me to run 40-60 miles per week since June and feel amazing along the way.

I have been energetic, injury free and maintained muscle mass even with miles of running. This program is very impressive and extremely beneficial! It is one of the few things in life that truly lives up to the adage “you get out what you put into it”.