October 15, 2018

Erin came to us as an avid exerciser. She was running virtually every day taking one day off per week. However, she struggled with her relationship with food. In an attempt to lose the last of her postpartum weight, she would restrict and then binge and repeat this process over and over again.

Like many others, Erin had a fear of certain foods. She had given certain foods (and food groups) labels like “good” and “bad”or, “healthy” and “unhealthy”. While we certainly advocate eating mainly whole foods, we also needed Erin to understand that, food was not inherently good or bad. And, food should be seen on a continuum of poor, ok, good, better and best.

Understanding not only food quality, but the right quantity would be important to fuel Erin’s long runs while still allowing her to drop bodyfat without extreme cycles. I can still recall when Erin said to me with a very confused tone  “Wait… you mean I can eat bread??!!!”… LOL! Once she figured this out, Erin lost 17 lbs, dropped over 9% body fat and almost 8 inches in her waist and hips combined.

Here’s what Erin had to say about her experience:


I come to this journey from a little different perspective. I have spent my entire life being naturally thin, with no effort at all. However, after gaining close to 80 pounds with my son, and then having my third child shortly after – I began to struggle. The weight wasn’t coming off like it used to. I didn’t recognize my body, and it bothered me everyday. I went through the typical “diet” phases. I would under eat, workout several times a day, then eventually binge eat because I was hungry.

Being naturally thin your entire life, can also mean that you don’t know much about health and nutrition. That was the case for me. I had always eaten whatever I wanted, with no regard to how many calories it contained, or if it was even remotely healthy. After a year of trying to lose the weight by running mile after mile and seeing no results, I knew this journey was bigger than me. I needed help.

This program has done so much more than take those extra pounds off. It has taught me how to live happily, while eating the foods I love, all while being in the best shape of my life! I had no clue you could eat bread and still reach your goals. It really is possible to get results and still enjoy life. It’s all about balance, and I am so thankful to Copper State Fit for showing me that it is all possible!


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