October 22, 2018

Tanya is a married, working mom of 2. On her consultation, she said… “After having babies,  I have carried around that extra 10 pounds and now that I am 40 I would like to focus on me and get more lean!

Overall, Tanya ate healthy and lived a very fit lifestyle. For 3 years, she had been doing CrossFit 5x per week and followed a strict paleo diet. Tanya even went as far as dabbling with her macros, yet needed that extra step of someone keeping her accountable. Her downfall, self admittedly, was always that sweet tooth. ?

While on the program, Tanya lost the extra 10 and then some. All in all, Tanya dropped over 18 lbs, -7.3% body fat 6 inches from her waist and hips combined.

Here’s what Tanya had to say:


I have been involved in CrossFit for a little over 3 years. I love the workouts and at 40 I am just happy to be able to work out.  However, my weight kept increasing over the last few years.

At first a attributed it to gaining muscle but then I began to realize that even though I was eating “clean” I was most likely overeating, and over eating the wrong foods. I then tried macros, I loved how macros worked but I wasn’t always honest or accountable.

A friend at our gym told me that she had been working with Copper State FIT, loved the program and had great success. I was intrigued so I scheduled my consultation call.

After my call, I was super excited to start the program. I was paired with Sabrina. Sabrina has been such an amazing coach and cheerleader since day one. We hit my goal within a few short months and then surpassed it. I couldn’t believe my results and how well the program worked when you have someone who cares and is cheering you on.


Having accountability is key along with the knowledge of how food works. I recommend Copper State Fit to everyone who asks me about it. I feel great and have been able to PR lifts and workouts that I may have struggled with in the past.   I would hands down recommend the Copper State Fit program to anyone who is thinking about it, it has been life changing for me and the way I look at food.