November 26, 2018

Julie reached out to us after seeing both her niece and her sister join our program and triumph over their eating habits and gaining control of their health and fitness. Even though, on our initial consultation, Julie said  “…I  am ready to learn how to be healthy and to live life out in a way that isn’t  obsessed with my eating habits or my weight…”  it still took some time for Julie to get to that point.

Success by many is defined by the number on the scale. To Julie, that is the way things started out. While she did lose 5 lbs, 7.2% BF, 7″ from waist and hips; all very respectable changes. What Julie gained in her self confidence, self discovery and motivational self talk were the real “wins”. Here’s what Julie had to say.


In the fall of 2016 I was training for a half-marathon and my weight was not moving. If anything, at that point in my life, I felt frumpy and frustrated. I was about to turn 50 and did not believe that my view of myself would ever change. Growing up I always had body image issues, but I didn’t realize how deeply rooted they were until I started working with Adam at Copper State FIT.

I heard about these amazing results that my niece had (with CSF) through her pregnancy with her 2nd child. Instead of gaining our family “standard” of at least 50 lbs. she had been disciplined and was “learning how to eat right” only gaining 26.

Then there was my sister, Laurie. Laurie had run into numerous issues from her thyroid to metabolism breakdown and now she was raving about this program and all that she had learned. She was eating more AND losing weight?!

I remember my first phone call… “Sure yeah… ok…?!”. Those were my thoughts. But, there was this tinge of hope that maybe there was a way for me to finally beat the battle. For me, the scale was not budging if anything it was going up. So, why not give it a shot?!

Within the first 2 weeks I was noticing results. Of course, the first place I looked was the scale because that was where I always looked first. Then, I had to get out the tape measure (part of the process) and record my inches. I was TERRIFIED the first time. I remember feeling ashamed. Then, when it was time for my next check in call, I took my measurements and I was SO surprised at what I saw that I asked my husband to remeasure me. He did, and I cried! Inches were falling off and it didn’t make sense to me. I couldn’t accept that I was eating more and losing inches.

In the beginning I was very successful. I lost a lot but I still couldn’t “see” it. I was fit, but I couldn’t “see” it… not truly “see” it. I still looked in the mirror and saw a distorted view of myself. Then came my first real test. I had a bulging disc and horrible bout of sciatica which took me out of my normal routine. I was not able to do ANY running. Running had been my go-to for over 20 years. I began to spiral downward.

Adam would tell me;  “Julie, focus on what you CAN control rather than what you CANNOT”. But, I would make excuses and chose to do nothing. And eating? I made excuses for the food choices as well. I always had a reason (excuse) why, I “could not” follow the plan. On my weekly calls, I would make excuses for myself, and the scale and inches began to go back up. I was frustrated. How was I going to be a fit, fabulous fifty-year-old? I stayed with Adam, not willing to let go. And, just like the awesome coach he is,  he didn’t let go either.

Fast forward to January 2018. At the start of the year I truly felt that I needed a reset and I got one. The blinders were ripped from my eyes while watching a documentary on eating disorders. One lady they featured was fit, beautiful, not too skinny. When asked to draw an outline of herself, she drew someone close to double her size. I saw myself in her. That was me! EVERYONE had always told me that I was smaller than I saw. I wore clothing that didn’t fit because I saw myself as the “big boned” girl. I couldn’t believe what she saw. Yet, that was exactly how I felt and that is where the shift began to happen.

I was beginning to realize that my relationship with food and my body image had been really messed up since I was young. I saw the truth of my tendencies. In the past, I did whatever ever I could to “rid” myself of overeating. I saw my unhealthy relationship with food, the scale and my body image. That was the beginning of what was an awakening for me. Seeing the truth was very hard. Lots of tears were shed. Lots of emotional unpeeling. What was so great was that this was the beginning of the shift. The place I needed to get to too awaken to the truth!

The truth is; I am PERSONALLY RESPONSIBLE for the outcome. Whatever it is – I CAN choose to do what it takes to get there. Through Adam’s coaching I learned the skills and discovered the tools I needed to have the confidence in myself. I finally understand “the process”. I understand the importance of eating whole foods, adequate protein, carbs, fats and fiber in my diet. I understand that the scale is not the devil, nor is it the answer. It is just a tool that I can use on my journey.

The truth (for me) is more than just the measurements, or the way my clothes fit. It’s the health of my skin, hair and nails. The truth is in the belief confidence in MYSELF because I am the one to look at myself in the mirror and hold myself personally responsible.