November 19, 2018

What is most remarkable about Sarah’s story is not just the visual changes on the outside, but the changes on the inside too. Sarah was facing some challenges medically and certain foods became her enemy. Her food AND exercise choices were limited, but she was determined. In the end, she learned how to eat to fuel her body without triggering a negative response. Sarah also discovered new favorite ways  exercise that were challenging and productive.

In the end, Sarah lost -12 lbs, 11.5 inches from her waist and hips combined and she dropped 13.6% body fat. Yet, the big win was what Sarah gained; she gained self confidence and she began to TRUST her body again. Here’s what Sarah had to say:


Prior to coming to Copper State Fit, I had been at war with my body. Due to medication and autoimmune issues, my weight had fluctuated up and down for several years and I was continually uncomfortable in my body, both mentally and physically. Fad diets and diet products sent my body down a long spiral – this was not a body I could be comfortable with and live in any more if I wanted to live my life, travel, and spend time with loved ones. I knew that food was an influence on my physical and mental wellness but I was completely lost. Enter Copper State Fit.


I spoke with Adam after seeing a classmate from college have success after working with CSF. I explained to him my complicated food needs; fully expecting him to be unable to work with them because even I didn’t fully understand the nutritional needs that other medical professionals had given to me. I came away from that initial call relieved. Adam had been understanding that I was a little different medically and therefore had a different set of food needs. He was encouraging and was one of the first people I had spoken with who did not discount what I fought through every day.

The nutrition coaching was flexible – something I could fit my “safe” foods into. It was worth a shot. Here I am a year later. Have a lost a lot of weight? No. Have I lost quite a bit of body fat and look completely different? YES! But most important to me, I have my life back. Because of the nutritional and exercise changes, I have tests that are coming back showing improvement. I no longer visit one my specialists. I have been able to travel a little and still maintain nutrition and get some exercise. Jen and Adam at CSF have given me the tools to keep going from here and I never plan on going back to that hurting body that I lived in for years prior.


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