December 3, 2018

When we connected with Eddie, he had already accomplished the incredible feat of losing 100 lbs. WOW! Unfortunately, he was losing momentum. Eddie was looking for someone guide him to the next level, be a sounding board when needed and hold him accountable along the way. Here’s what Eddie had to say about his experience.


When I joined Copper State FIT, I had already lost over 100 lbs on my own. I did so by making some simple (but NOT easy) changes to my lifestyle and eating habits.

First, I removed all high calorie drinks like soda, alcohol, etc. Then, I decided to remove red meat. Next, I followed a “Time Restricted Eating” pattern by not eating after 7pm. Lastly, I removed all sweets.  And, then, to incorporate more exercise, I started training for a marathon; some days running up to 13 miles. While all these aided in me losing a great deal of weight, my training was getting harder and my body was not recovering completely. I had reached a plateau and could not understand why I was not seeing continued results on the scale. That’s when I came to Copper State FIT for answers.

I discovered that my “self appointed” changes had created a calorie deficit and that is what enabled me to lose the weight to this point. I also learned about the amount of calories my body needed on a daily basis and the minimum number I needed to consume to fuel my body for my marathon training. The real difference was when I became aware of how much protein, carbs, and fats I needed along with which food sources would provide the optimal macronutrient ratios to help me break my plateau AND maximize my training. Through this, I discovered that I was not eating enough protein and could actually eat quite a few more carbs with my level of training. To make sure my carb sources were optimal, my coach also had me focus on my sugar and fiber intake. I was able to break the plateau and increase my training week by week.

Ultimately, I finished what I started. I completed the marathon!! WOW!!! And, that I’ve completed the marathon, I’ve shifted my focus on more strength training and conditioning.

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