February 4, 2019

When we spoke on her initial consultation, Anastasia was pretty straightforward with her “why”. She wanted “to be comfortable with herself in her own skin”. As a weekend anchor and reporter at WOWT in Omaha, she said “sometimes… seeing myself of TV is embarrassing because I see someone I’m not proud of. I want to be able to feel comfortable, and I haven’t been able to do that in a while.” And, on top of that, she wanted to look and feel the best on her wedding day for the pictures that would last a lifetime.

The plan was clear and the results were remarkable. Anastasia lost 45 lbs, 13.5 inches from her waist and hips… AND 14.4% body fat! Here is what Anastasia had to say about her experience with the program:


One year ago, I took a leap of faith. I was skeptical it would work, but boy, was I wrong and in the best way possible. It has been one of the best decisions I ever have made!

I signed up with Copper State FIT because of the results of my friend Amber, because I was embarrassed with my weight, and because I wanted to look good my wedding day. I lost 45 lbs and achieved the level of comfort I want. I won’t lie, though – it hasn’t been easy, but it hasn’t been difficult.

Sabrina is actually the best coach ever. She has taught me everything to make this lifestyle change stick with me forever. Now, I’m obsessed with my health and wellness – shout out to Hubs for supporting all these changes, too. But for real, I follow far too many fitness people and food companies on Instagram. My wallet is starting to suffer .. ha!

Coaching with CSF has been much needed. Before the program, I knew I needed to eat less food, but I didn’t know in what proportions. Sabrina taught me what it was to get the right nutrients because she answered ALL my questions, and I had a lot. I wanted to know why it was working and what my body needed. It was a gradual process, which means the changes to my body were gradual, but I think that’s necessary for success. I understand it all more than ever because I was learning as I was losing, and that makes it stick in my mind more. It made these changes more of a lifestyle change rather than a fad diet.

Working with Sabrina is like working with my friend. It took time to develop the friendship, but she was my sounding board when I was the most stressed. She also understands what I’m going through mentally through this process. She pushed me and encouraged me through it all, too. Have I screwed up? Yes, but she didn’t scold me. She actually told me it was a good thing … yeah, I was surprised, too. We talk through everything whether it be food oriented or just life stuff. I honestly don’t want to stop coaching because I like our weekly calls lol .. I look forward to talking with her every week.

I’m hoping this post inspires you to finally take that step if it’s really what you want. I am SO happy with where I’m at now, and I NEVER gave up foods I love. I still eat what I want. I just make sure it’s balanced.

You can make the changes for your health. You can lose the pounds, and it’s not difficult with friends and good support. CSF helped me, so I encourage you to “take the leap” if you need help, too.