April 15, 2019

Abbie’s pictures and her results speak volumes! Yet the deeper story, as she will tell you, was her motivation… her “WHY” as we like to call it.

I won’t spoil the story, but I will tell you this; Abbie is one determined individual. With her hard work and dedication to “the process”, Abbie dropped 60 lbs, 17.25 inches from her waist and hips and 17.9% body fat! Yes, you read that right… SEVENTEEN POINT NINE PERCENT!!!

Keep reading to understand Abbie’s motivation.

For the past several years, I have had a front row seat observing someone’s health deteriorate due to poor nutrition.  I’m here to tell you the effects for him and for everyone in our family are far worse than anything you can imagine.

Two years ago, I sat in a hospital waiting room as my 44 year old husband’s leg was amputated due to complications from diabetes.  I could spend a lot of time being angry about why he let this happen to him and how our lives will never be the same because of it, but really the most important lesson I learned was the knowledge that I needed to take better care of myself and make my well being a priority.

As an adult, I have gone through phases where I would go to the gym regularly and stop for some absurd reason or another.  Then, five years ago I discovered CrossFit.  I was hooked from the very first burpee.  This was something my body and mind needed daily.  CrossFit got me through the year from hell with my husband’s health nightmare and kept me sane when things were at their lowest.

However, a new problem presented itself.  I wanted to be able to do more movements and scale less during the workout.  I wanted to see and feel the results from all the hard work I was putting in daily.  My weight and less than stellar eating habits were preventing this from happening. And why on earth was I continuing to let my nutrition go when I knew how costly this neglect could be?   I soon reached a revelation that I needed to make a change and lose the weight for me.

Fortunately a few dear friends knew about my struggles.  They patiently waited until I was ready to commit and referred me to Copper State FIT.  I was so nervous that I would not be able to stick with it to see positive results.  I had a lot of questions, not because I did not understand how to eat healthy.  I did not know how to set reasonable goals for myself and keep myself accountable.

On my initial consultation, Adam was so patient in giving me all the information I needed to make an informed decision.  He settled my mind and made me comfortable with making the commitment.  My coach, Sabrina, has supplied me with great advice, tips and encouragement to make my goals attainable.  She helped me to see the whole process as a journey rather than focusing on the end result.  Any setback only educated me on how to handle those obstacles better next time or down the road after CSF.

As for results, I never imagined I would have this much success.  People are constantly complimenting my progress, but most importantly- I FEEL GREAT!  I’m seeing dramatic improvements in my fitness at the gym and am starting to be proud of how my body looks.  The confidence is giving me more ideas about bigger fitness goals before I turn 40 next year!

I cannot thank CSF enough for the opportunity they have given me and will make it my mission that anyone who wants to improve their health, knows what CSF has to offer.


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