May 20, 2019

On our initial consultation, Kim said “…I have been yo-yo dieter my whole life”.  She had tried many different “diets” but nothing stuck.

We hear this often; people learn how to “diet” by eliminating foods or whole food groups while never really learning “how to eat”. Then, once they acheive a “weight” or a goal, they stop “dieting” and then slowly the weight creeps back on. From there, they look for the next “diet” to follow and the process repeats.

For Kim, like everyone else we coach, we needed to help her understand WHY she was eating the foods she was eating (stress, cravings, emotions, etc). And then, help her understand HOW to fuel her body for exercise and long work days, yet still fit in the occasional treat and master social situations. Once in tune with these things, Kim made some remarkable changes!

Kim lost 23 lbs, dropped 14.5″ from her waist and hips and reduced her body fat percentage by 17%!

Read on to hear what Kim had to say about her experience with our program.


My friend Amber introduced me to CSF. She is one of the coolest, most social people I know. I am also a social person. I figured if she could do this, so could I. I did my free consultation with Adam and wasn’t really planning on joining. But once Adam made it sound so simple I couldn’t help myself.

Once I was set up with my coach I had a “weight” goal in my head. I surpassed that and then some. My whole life my weight has always been up and down and I have been a yo-yo dieter. Just never quite finding what worked for me. I had tried macros before but felt deprived. I quickly learned if you deprive yourself you will fail. I have been fixated on my weight my whole life. And even though I went into this thinking about my weight, I am leaving with much, much more!

I can honestly say this with happy tears in my eyes, CSF saved my life in so many ways. Right before I joined, I had just began a long hard personal journey that was devastating me. It has been the worst 18 months of my life, but also the most self defining and soul searching time as well. I used CSF as a focus to keep my mind off my heartache and focus on a positive in my life.

I have always been an optimistic person, but I felt like I could go down any minute. My workouts became my therapy. It was “my” time to soul search, pray and make my mind clear. I never missed a workout and if I did I made it up that same week. I never wanted to use what I was going thru as an “excuse”.

Now I get up every morning like clockwork and start my day with a workout. And because of the CSF monthly challenges I do 10,000 plus steps a day, squats every day, and I try to hit the 12 oz of veggies a day as well. I also LOVE the feeling of getting stronger every day. Feeling strong is the best feeling in the world!

One of the other many things I learned about myself was that I was an emotional eater. I never thought I was. But when I was tracking everything I soon came to realize I ate the most when I was upset or when I was happy and carelessly eating. CSF taught me that I can still eat when i’m upset or happy, but it’s WHAT I eat that matters more.

I soon came to realize that being aware of alcohol intake was hard for the extroverted social person I am. I became a lot more mindful of those drinks and what I was eating when I had those drinks. My friends have actually made many jokes about me pulling out a protein bar in the sports bar instead of enjoying that greasy food they serve. I take it in stride and continue to do so. I’m also more mindful of the type of drinks I do drink and the amount I drink when socializing.

Portion control has been huge for me. My mom always told me to eat 2nds and 3rds growing up and we always had to clean our plates. When you start weighing your food you soon realize how much coffee creamer or peanut butter you are putting in your body daily. Weighing my food was hard to get used to, but now I do it automatically if I can. And, I try to abide by the 80/20 rule (whole foods/ processed foods) but being in sales it can be difficult at times when you are entertaining or on work trips.

I have learned to prepare, and I know I don’t need to eat big portions. I’m not a big meal prep person and I think I may have drove Coach Sabrina crazy a few times asking for more food ideas. I get bored with food easily and can’t stand to eat the same thing 2 days in a row. Variety is the spice to life in my world! If I get bored I will fail. So I have learned to keep it simple but with variety, and smaller portions. I remember Adam saying “our body can go days without food”. I say that in my head a lot to remind myself I really don’t have to eat that much. I also say quite often a quote Coach Sabrina taught me “do I really need that?” I always think I do, and usually after the 3rd time of asking myself that I will give in and eat it, but I track it!

I think the biggest thing I can say is, I’m human and fall off the wagon here and there. But I have learned life lessons that have taught me to be more mindful when i’m not tracking, and I always get back on track the next day. That is a life lesson I will have forever! Thank you for changing my life CSF and thank you Coach Sabrina for being my life line on a weekly basis!