June 3, 2019

Amber came to CSF having done macros loosely on her own. She was looking for a bit more guidance and accountability. Admittedly, she said she was tracking macros but NOT weighing ANYTHING. She was simply “eyeballing” virtually everything. This is a common mistake and I told Amber weighing her food was going to be the biggest game changer. And, it would be the difference between results or not.

Amber listened and Amber executed! And, her results show it. She dropped 13 lbs, 9.25″ from her waist and hips combined and 11.1% Body fat!

Here’s what Amber had to say:

What brought me to Copper State FIT: Wow!! Where to start?!? My fitness journey all began at the age of 24. I had never felt comfortable with my body from my teen years and up. I decided to make the necessary changes in my life, began running, watching my food and lifting weights. I considered myself a very fit and active person. THEN I TURNED 35. Out of desperation I tried a certain diet, and then another, and another. Flip flopping from one to Then I started hearing about macro counting.

A few friends of mine were working with Copper State FIT. On March 23rd, I told myself that was enough playing around and it was time for change. I had a consult with Adam and he said “Amber, you are doing so much right already. Once you start measuring what goes in your mouth I believe you will see changes immediately”. He was right. He assigned Sabrina to me and she was just what I needed!!

Sabrina scared me a little, lol, and I needed to be scared. She tweaked my macro numbers and she told me not to stress about whether my body would respond. She said just worry about hitting the numbers assigned to me one day at a time and the changes will come. She was right! She has been there all the way to praise me on the weeks with change and coach me mentally through the weeks with little change.

Sabrina has helped me focus on the BIG PICTURE rather than the tiny details that can sometimes weigh me down. She has also helped me to see that there are times in life where we can celebrate and allow yourself a special treat but then get back on track and stay focused for continued success. This has made me feel like I could live on this program as a way of life rather than a crash diet.





The accountability with CSF has been awesome. It’s what has truly made the difference for me. The weekly accountability and the assistance given by the coaches is a recipe for success!