August 6, 2019

These were Kathy’s exact words from our initial consultation…

“I want to look like the lifestyle I lead… I’m very healthy and active… I can’t seem to keep my weight in check… I can’t figure out what I need to do differently… The only way I can seem lose weight is to cut calories and then I get HANGRY! I know this is not the best way to lose and I don’t like to starve myself. I’m all about good healthy eating and my body should reflect it and I can’t figure it out! I’m frustrated to say the least!”

Like most people who reach out to us, Kathy was frustrated. She had tried many different diets and weight loss programs with similar results. She couldn’t quite seem to put their finger on why she wasn’t seeing results from her efforts. Fortunately, Kathy made the decision to hire us to help her put the puzzle together.

Kathy lost 23 lbs, 10.25 inches from her waist and hips combined. Kathy also dropped her body fat percentage by 10.2%!! Here’s what Kathy had to say.


Hi, I’m Kathy Householder, wife of Devin and mother of 3 awesome grown boys. I worked at Coca-Cola for 18 years, and the last 9 of that career, I was Administrator of the corporate fitness center. When I left that job, I started my own business as a personal trainer and did administrative work on the side.

You see, fitness has been a passion of mine for a very long time! As a cardio junkie mixed with “some” weight training, I’ve lived a very active and “fit” life. As I’ve aged, I thought my hormones took a toll on my body. I ate “healthy” but was dang hungry most all the time. My healthy snacks took on as many calories as my
meals because I didn’t realize it at the time, but ate mostly carbs and fat.

As my mid section grew, the flow of my big tops did too, I just couldn’t figure it out. I tried Weight Watchers, Isagenics, the Dukan diet and many more ways to lose that extra body fat I continued to carry around my belly and love handles. Nothing would really work for me, you see I was starving my body and didn’t really know it!

Fast forward to seeing a Facebook post from a friend about counting macros and getting lean. I was ready to figure this thing out or throw in the towel since I basically looked the same as my friends that didn’t work out at all (did I mention that I spent a LOT of time at the gym)!? I was intrigued!

Adam, owner of Copper State FIT, explained the program to me on my free 30 minute consultation call. It sounded pretty easy, because I was doing a lot of what he was already teaching, just needed to dial it all in and figure it out.

I had a plan and it was a good one! My program basically was to work out less and eat more that I had been previously (say what???). Yep, I went from hour long strength classes and 30-40 minutes of cardio to 30 minutes of weight training to 15-25 minutes and worked out less days a week. I loved the flexibility this program gave me to work out on my own time frame.

For me, counting macros was fairly easy. I needed to know the specifics and my coach gave those numbers to me to follow.

I’ll put it this way… When you bake a cake, you probably know that you use flour, sugar, butter, eggs and maybe some chocolate flavoring, right? (sounds delicious!). But if you just dump in your own guesstimated amounts of each ingredient, it’s not going to come our correctly! THAT is what I was doing with my food. Well, when you weigh what you eat and track what goes in your body, RESULTS will come out and IT DID!

You just have to stay true to yourself and stay focused and it works! Oh, did I mention that I’m 57 years old and have been fighting what I thought was just a losing battle (because of my age and hormones) for about 10 years? Praise the Lord, that I found this program because I’m more fit than I’ve ever been, strong as can be and feel great! I would highly recommend this program!


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