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Enjoy your favorite steakhouses WITHOUT sacrificing your weight loss goals


One of the questions our clients ask most is… “How do I eat at (X,Y or Z) restaurant without sabotaging my weight loss goals?”. If that thought has ever crossed your mind, this was written for you!

We’re starting a series called “HOW TO EAT OUT…”. In this edition, Coach Dana will cover two of the most popular steakhouses and outline the items that you should order – along with others you should avoid – to keep you seeing progress without sacrificing your results. Let’s dig in and see what Dana has to say.

!!!TIP: Avoiding butter when possible. All steaks are prepared in puddles of richness (butter) and the veggies all have a large scoop of butter and seasoning before they are steamed.  So you can reduce the calories and fat by asking for NO BUTTER.


I’ll start with a restaurant near and dear to my heart Outback Steakhouse. Partially because I worked there for 13 years; mainly because I met the love of my life, now husband there.  Many of the items at this restaurant I would probably steer clear from because I know how they are prepared! However there are a few smart choices you can make from their menu. Knowing how to order is key!


    • 6oz. Victoria’s Filet (ordered with NO BUTTER)
    • Dry salad (no cheese) with vinegar, lemon, Tabasco (yep you read that right) and pepper dressing
    • Broccoli Veg no butter, with a side of straight horseradish. 

*Recommended Items


    • Seared Peppered Ahi, Large = F22 C18 P30, 390 Calories
    • Wood-Fired Grilled Shrimp on the Barbie = F25 C44 P34, 540 Calories
    • Victoria’s Filet Mignon
      • *6 oz F9 C0 P40, 240 Calories
      • 9 oz F14 C<1 P60, 370 Calories
    • Outback Center-Cut Sirloin
      • *6 oz F7 C0 P38, 220 Calories
      • 9 oz F10 C<1 P57, 320 Calories
      • 12 oz F13 C<1 P76, 420 Calories
    • Grilled Chicken on the Barbie, w/vegetables
      • 5 oz F13 C28 P35, 370 Calories
      • 8 oz F16 C28 P59, 490 Calories
    • Sirloin & Grilled Shrimp
      • 6 oz F15 C4 P52, 360 Calories
      • 9 oz F19 C5 P71, 480 Calories
      • 12 oz F22 C5 P90, 580 Calories
    • Sirloin, 6 oz & Coconut Shrimp F24 C42 P50, 580 Calories


    • *Seasonal Mixed Veggies F10 C17 P4, 170 Calories
    • *Fresh Steamed Broccoli F10 C14 P6, 170 Calories
    • *Grilled Asparagus F5 C5 P3, 80 Calories
    • Gold Coast Coconut Shrimp F17 C41 P12, 370 Calories
    • *Grilled Shrimp F9 C4 P14, 150 Calories
    • Lobster Tail, (5 oz steamed) F24 C1 P27, 330 Calories
    • *Sauteed Mushrooms F6 C11 P7, 130 Calories
    • *Smoky Bacon Bourbon Topping F6 C6 P7, 100 Calories
    • Homestyle Mashed Potatoes F15 C21 P5, 240, Calories

SALADS (dressing not included)

    • *Side House F6 C12 P5, 120 Calories
    • Aussie Cobb F23 C19 P23, 380 Calories
      • *Add Grilled Chicken F3 C0 P31, 150 Calories


    • Blue Cheese Vinaigrette F23 C8 P2, 250 Calories
    • Caesar F19 C2 P2, 190 Calories
    • Honey Mustard F20 C12 P<1, 230 Calories
    • *Light Balsamic (1.5oz) F5 C8 P0, 80 Calories
    • Ranch F23 C1 P<1


    • Cheesecake
      • w/Raspberry Sauce F62 C105 P17, 1050 Calories
      • w/Chocolate Sauce F75 C92 P17, 1100 Calories
    • Salted Caramel Cookie Skillet F45 C124 P10, 940 Calories


    • Bloomin Onion F155 C123 P18, 1960 Calories
    • Honey Wheat Bread & Butter F9 C51 P10, 330 Calories



So fun story…  I had never actually eaten at a Texas Roadhouse until after I quit working at Outback.  Now it is actually my preference.  I prefer the steak quality and I find it easier to order and get things the right way at Texas Roadhouse.


    • 6oz Dallas Filet
      • Must ask for with no butter and no butter brush (very important to add this otherwise they will brush your steak with butter ),
    • Broccoli only veg (steamed no butter)
    • Dry sweet potatoes 
      • You could also order the salad (like I do at Outback) but you would also need to request no egg.

*Recommended Items


    • Boneless Buffalo Wings
      • w/hot sauce F45 C8 P52, 650 Calories
      • w/mild sauce F58 C8 P52, 760 Calories
      • Bleu Cheese Dressing F30 C4 P2, 290 Calories
    • Fresh baked bread (1pc) F3 C29 P4, 160 Calories
      • Honey cinnamon butter (1oz) F19 C4, 190 Calories
      • Whipped butter (1oz) F22, 200 Calories


    • Dallas Filet
      • *6oz F10 P45, 270 Calories
      • *8oz F13 P60, 360 Calories
    • New York/ Kansas City Strip
      • 8oz F22 P57, 430 Calories
    • Sirloin
      • *6oz F6 C3 P46, 250 Calories
      • *8oz F8 C5 P61, 340 Calories
      • 11oz F10 C6 P84, 450 Calories
      • 16oz F16 C9 P122, 670 Calories
    • STEAK SMOTHERS (for steaks smaller than 11oz)
      • *Sauteed Mushrooms F6 C4 P2, 80 Calories
      • Sauteed onions F9 C8, 110 Calories
      • Jack Cheese F8 P7, 100 Calories
      • *Brown gravy F6 C3, 70 Calories
      • Grilled shrimp F19 C2 P8, 210 Calories


    • Chicken critters w/6 oz Sirloin F28 C29 P88, 720 Calories
    • Grilled BBQ Chicken w/6 oz sirloin F18 C14 P81, 540 Calories
    • Filet 6oz w/ribs F34 C16 P68, 640 Calories
    • Sirloin 6oz
      • w/grilled shrimp F31 C34 P63, 670 Calories
      • w/ribs F30 C19 P69, 620 Calories


    • *Grilled BBQ Chicken F12 C11 P35, 290 Calories
    • Smothered Chicken
      • w/gravy F24 C10 P37, 400 Calories
      • w/cheese F25 C5 P43, 420 Calories
    • Grilled Chicken Sandwich F18 C52 P42, 540 Calories


    • *Applesauce C25, 100 Calories
    • *Buttered corn F8 C27 P4, 200 Calories
    • *Fresh vegetables F15 C12 P4, 200 Calories
    • *Green beans F4 C6 P3, 70 Calories
    • Mashed potatoes F15 C19 P3, 220 Calories
      • Brown gravy F6 C3, 70 Calories
      • Cream gravy F7 C5 P2, 90 Calories
    • Seasoned rice F16 C14 P1, 200 Calories
    • Steak fries F22 C44 P5, 390 Calories
    • Texas Red Chili (cup) F20 C9 P14, 270 Calories
      • Saltines C5, 20 Calories
    • *Loaded Potato Soup (cup) F10 C15 P2, 160 Calories
    • House Salad (dressing not included) F16 C9 P13, 230 Calories
    • DRESSINGS (2oz)
      • Honey French F6 C24 P0, 150 Calories
      • Honey Lime F5 C30 P0, 170 Calories
      • Italian F24 C11 P0, 260 Calories
      • Low fat ranch F20 C2 P2, 200 Calories
      • TR Steak sauce (1 Tbsp) C6, 30 Calories


    • Big ol’ brownie F42 C205 P9, 1230 Calories
    • Granny’s Apple classic F62 C170 P10, 1280 Calories
    • Strawberry cheesecake F45 C81 P38, 880 Calories

When you are trying to lose weight, eating out does not have to be avoided, but it should be limited. Planning, preparation and pre-logging (if you are tracking calories and/ or macros) are the keys to success when doing so.  So, go in with a plan, stick to it and have the confidence knowing it  will make all the difference and keep you on track.