January 28, 2020

I initially reached out to Copper State FIT because I had gained 5-10lbs. I hadn’t changed my diet much, and I exercised at least an hour a day. I have always been athletic, and never had any issue with weight gain. I do have Hashimotos disease, and figured my problem was largely due to changes in my thyroid. I see an endocrinologist regularly, and my thyroid numbers were maintaining at normal.

My weight gain was affecting my workouts, and I had been incredibly tired and was losing motivation to continue with my work outs. As I continued to restrict my diet and sluggishly workout more, I became more frustrated and less motivated.

I had never tried any health coaching, diet supplements, cleanses, or any real diets at all. As I said, I was always athletic and loved to be up and moving, so I’ve never had to worry about it much.

Copper State Fit really gives you a sense of community and in turn, you’ll feel the accountability of your actions. My coach considered ME, and my individual history, hurdles and successes. She looked at what I was currently doing, and helped me make some changes.

I needed to eat more protein, a lot more protein. I was stagnant in my workouts, and my coach not only upped my game, big time, but the workouts that were programmed for me were fun! She also recommended, and continued to recommend that I get more sleep. I was only getting about 4 hours a night, so I’ve learned to push myself to go to bed earlier and squeeze in some extra when I can.

Increasing my protein intake actually really made me feel much fuller. In fact, I had a hard time eating enough of it because I would be so full. I could tell that I felt different, more level, if that makes sense. (You know the crappy way you feel when you’ve eaten too much sugar or grease?? Well, it’s opposite of that!)

With the changes to my workout, I gained muscle and strength, and my run times were faster. I was very excited for that, because I thought I’d kind of hit my max speed. Getting more sleep, and being told how important that is, has made a huge difference in the way I feel, and my attention span and ability to concentrate is better.

I’m very excited to have these tools that CSF has given me for my lifelong health. I intend to continue to use the knowledge they’ve given me,. I FEEL MUCH better over all!

My biggest wins with CSF were increasing my running speed, being able to do pull ups, and building muscle and strength overall. Getting more sleep has been imperative for my health as well.

If I hadn’t worked with CSF, I would still be struggling with my same exercise routine, restricted eating, getting poor sleep and overly tired mind.

CSF has a great coaching staff and they will take you and your individual needs and issues into consideration prior to building a personalized plan for you. They are friendly, and have built a strong online community for their members.