February 11, 2020

Before I found Copper State FIT, I had tried many different diets but none that were realistic for long term success. I tried meal replacement shakes; I also worked with a couple different nutrition coaches that catered to competitors. The nutrition plans they provided were not realistic for me long term.

I continued to yo-yo diet and was never satisfied. I was taking extreme measures only to gain back even more weight than I lost. And, I was working out like crazy so I was always burnt out and grouchy. I became very frustrated because I couldn’t keep the weight off. I had a hard time figuring out a plan was realistic for my lifestyle.

After my initial consultation call with Copper State FIT, I KNEW I had found something different that was actually going to work. Learning how to count macros and realizing I didn’t have to completely cut out certain foods that I enjoyed was such a relief! I was still able to lose weight and actually enjoy the process!

I feel like Copper State FIT was WAY more flexible than the other programs because I was never restricted or limited to certain foods. And the workout plans are awesome because they were catered to the type of workouts I actually enjoy!

I have such a different relationship with food now. I really learned to look at food as fuel and never felt deprived. I was able to enjoy a wide variety of foods while still reaching my goals.

Shortly after I started with CSF I got engaged and I looked the best I have EVER looked for my wedding! 5 months after getting married, I got pregnant and my coach guided me through to a healthy pregnancy and then helped me bounce back quickly postpartum.

Days before my 2nd anniversary I ended up in the hospital for a week and, once again, my coach guided me back to a healthy place. Through all of these life changing events, I have always been able to maintain confidence in myself because of what I had been taught about food.

I can’t imagine where I would be had I not decided to work with Copper State FIT. I honestly feel like I would still be yo-yo dieting trying to find the ‘magic diet’ that would work for me.

If you are considering the idea of hiring a nutrition coach, I HIGHLY recommend Copper State FIT to anyone and everyone!!

The tools that are taught are life changing and have helped me find the best version of myself. I have learned to change my relationship with food in the best way and I’ve learned to really enjoy working out and setting attainable goals. The results are long term as long as I put in the effort.

I am so grateful I found CSF when I did!