April 27, 2020

Before I discovered Copper State FIT, I was doing high intensity workouts and eating what I thought was a balanced diet (1200 cal or less (no carbs please!!)) but I couldn’t shed the stubborn body fat. It was incredibly frustrating since I knew I led a healthy lifestyle.

As a young female, it would drive me crazy seeing my friends eat and binge on whatever they wanted while I hyper focused on what and when I ate causing a bad relationship with food.

When I tried to solve the situation on my own I would drop weight and hit where I wanted to be but would quickly gain it back since it wasn’t sustainable.

I tried following Kim Ks diet, a strict 1200 calorie diet mainly focused on vegetables and no carbs, and I even saw a nutritionist prior who told me I just needed to include some HIIT workouts and stop eating fruits in the morning (lol!)

CSF is a program that adapts to your lifestyle and your needs. I literally told my coach to be meaner to me about eating perfectly but that was never the mentality or expectation nor did she tell me I shouldn’t eat fruit in the morning…

It was awesome to actually see my intense workouts paying off with the muscle tone I developed by eating a balanced diet with more carbs fats and proteins while still eating out or enjoying ice cream without guilt!

I’ve hit a sustainable healthy weight that I haven’t been in years and I can still enjoy food. I’ve even been able to get toned while vacationing and eating some goooood foods!!

Had I not made the decision to work with Copper State FIT, I’d still be having my weight fluctuate drastically and probably getting annoyed with food and doing random intense diets that would get me nowhere.

If you’re on the fence or considering this program… Do it! Learn how to eat healthy and cook foods that satisfy your body while still hitting your goals.












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