May 26, 2020

I have always struggled with nutrition. I would be fine as long as I was “on” some sort of plan or diet. I have lost 50+ lbs on multiple occasions. But even then, I was always “skinny fat” and I didn’t have balance. So, as soon as whatever plan or diet I was on was “over”, I would balloon back up again.

Most recently this happened in 2017 to 2019. I was at 235 lbs for exactly one week in August of 2017. I had given up alcohol in January and done a “Whole30” extended from January to August. But as soon as I reintroduced food from a restriction diet, I gained back weight. At first slowly and then eventually all the way back to 280-290 before starting with Copper State FIT.

Prior to Copper State, I had tried and had “success” with Weight Watchers, Whole30, and even a couple of macro counting programs that offered you macro numbers, but didn’t have any coaching to go with it.

My frustration was a lack of balance. I was always “on” or “off”. When I was “on”, I was great. But I didn’t know how to just live life without being on a restricted diet of some sort.

The biggest difference with Copper State FIT is the coaching and accountability through the weekly phone call with my coach to talk about what worked and didn’t and techniques to improve. This was huge! Not just for my consistency in sticking with the plan, but also my mental and emotional growth and learning that I can live a healthy life without being on some strict restricted diet of food and/or calories.

The biggest “aha moment” for me wasn’t any one single moment. It was the days and weeks over the last 8 months where I enjoyed myself and “splurged” a little while still feeling satisfied and not derailing my progress. Learning that I can have ANYTHING, I just can’t have EVERYTHING has been the biggest takeaway for me for sure.

Another major takeaway for me was not stringing 2 bad meals or days together. In the past, if I had a “cheat” meal or something, I would just be like “well whatever” and continue to eat bad since I already did the damage in my mind. Learning to enjoy myself and then get right back to making healthy choices has been a game changer.

I now regularly enjoy meals and snacks that are not “compliant” with any macro/calorie restricted diets without feeling the need to have it all and stuff my face. I have probably eaten out and had dessert more in the last 3 months than any time I can remember and I still was able to lose 6% body fat in that time frame because I learned to have enough to enjoy myself, but not overdo it or let it derail my whole day/week/month.

My biggest wins and achievements have obviously been weight loss. I went from XL shirts being tight and even wearing some 2XL shirts and size 40-42 pants, to now I wear a large shirt and size 33-34 pants/ shorts. It was a big issue amidst the (COVID-19) quarantine because there would be days where I literally didn’t have any clothes that fit and I would have to go to Target since it was basically all that was open to get a pair of shorts that fit.

Aside from the weight loss, my progress in the gym has been amazing! I am lifting heavier than I was when I was large and I am able to easily do gymnastic movements I would have never dreamed of.

During the CrossFit Open in October, I couldn’t even do 1 handstand push-up in 18.4. Yesterday, I did 8 in one set. I also have never been able to do muscle-ups (bar or rings) and I can now do both. I even did 24 in a workout a couple days ago. For the first time in my life, I feel like I could do any CrossFit workout without having to scale any part of it and that is an awesome feeling.

I started my weight-loss journey in 2011. I weighed 330 lbs and had a dream of doing a tandem skydive. The weight limit is 225. Which always seemed like a lofty goal. After 8 years of a roller coaster ride of weight loss and gain, I finally get to do something I have spent a decade working towards, I cannot wait to get to jump out of a perfectly good airplane.

Having 1-on-1 nutrition coaching is literally the best money I’ve ever spent. I have learned more in the last 8 months of working with Coach Dana than I did in the previous 8 years of trying to lose weight on my own.

I honestly don’t even want to think about where I would be if I hadn’t decided to work with Copper State FIT. And, if you’re considering joining the program… ┬áJust do it!

At the very least, take advantage of the free phone consultation and spend 30 minutes with Adam talking about your general nutrition and goals. That alone can be super useful. Though, the accountability of talking to a coach every single week allows for so much growth and learning, it’s unbelievable.

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