July 27, 2020

A couple months before starting Copper State FIT, I started going to CrossFit. While I was making progress with improved strength and cardio, I wasn’t seeing a lot of progress with losing body fat. I wasn’t able to stick to eating healthy long term.

I knew I was over eating (mostly stress eating) and I felt a little out of control. I let food and my body control me instead of me being in control. It was a cycle where I would feel stressed or depressed and would turn to food and then would feel worse for it and the cycle would continue. Both my parents have type 2 diabetes and I don’t want to go down that path.

Before starting my journey with Copper State FIT, I would have periods of time where I would do really well. I mostly just tried to log my food on MyFitnessPal. I kinda paid attention to my protein, but didn’t have a lot of direction.

With this routine, I would lose some weight and then something would happen. We would go on vacation, or be dealing with something and then the excuses would come in. Instead of making a plan for those things I would just do whatever was easiest. Then when things returned to normal, I couldn’t get back to eating healthy. The mental ability wasn’t there and the tools to make it easier weren’t there either. It was so frustrating to work so hard and then feel like I couldn’t ever enjoy a vacation full of yummy food and if I did, I would lose all control.

Copper State FIT gives you the tools to make eating healthy enjoyable and something you can achieve life long. My coach (Dana) taught me how to plan and prepare for my days and weeks, and even for vacations and unknowns. There was accountability there and support for my individual goals and lifestyle. I was taught how to fuel my body in a way that is beneficial for working out and helping me not feel overly hungry.

I realized my investment was paying off when I started seeing the scale drop and my clothes getting too big. It it was so rewarding! It was also amazing when I started noticing I had more energy during workouts and started getting stronger even though I was eating less.

When did the “Whole Food days” it was a great eye opener to me. I learned that all calories are not equal and that I can eat  A LOT more and feel more full when I’m eating whole foods. I also didn’t realize how much better I would feel (mentally) when having mostly whole foods. Knowing I’m taking control of my health has felt amazing!

Now, I look at food so differently. My coach helped me see how important planning and preparing is for me and my busy schedule. Having healthy easy to grab snacks on hand and easy and quick meals have been a huge game changer for me! I have learned how to plan for special meals and trips, to enjoy them and how to get back on track.

Since starting with Copper State FIT, I have had personal bests in EVERY lift at the gym… all while dropping body fat percentage. I was encouraged (by Dana) to step outside my comfort zone; so, I completed a half marathon in February and competed in the CrossFit Granite Games in March.

Had I not made the decision to begin working with Copper State FIT, I would probably be in a similar position as when I started. I probably would have gotten stronger just working out, but that’s only part of the puzzle. I doubt I would have been able to lose the fat, and I probably wouldn’t have as much energy or have the mental strength I now enjoy.

If you’re considering CSF, I would definitely give them a try! The coaches are amazing and really care about you. They want you to succeed and they will teach you how to do that. They will help you do things you never thought you would be capable of doing on your own. It is about so much more then just losing weight, it’s about having a good relationship with food and learning how to fuel your body while taking control of your own health. The support among coaches and fellow members is great. Everyone gets so excited for your successes and is there to help you as well.

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