September 28, 2020

Originally born in Boulder CO, my family moved to Mesa Arizona when I was young which is essentially where I grew up. I currently live in Gilbert with my wife and 3 kids, 16, 13 and 8. I’m also a firefighter for Gilbert Fire. I really enjoy coaching, whether it’s my kids’ sports, CrossFit, or new firefighters. I also enjoy playing golf, chilling out on the beach or up north in the woods with a good book.

I’ve been very active since I was young. Whether it be playing sports, running marathons, or CrossFit I always tried to challenge myself physically. As I entered my 40s I started putting a little extra weight and wanted to drop some body fat and try and line up my diet with my physical routine. I was also competing as part of a team to qualify for the CrossFit Granite Games and wanted to shed some weight for that.

In the past, when I tried to tackle losing weight on my own, I never really had a solid plan. I would try and cut calories and/ or carbs and increase my training volume but after losing 5-10 lbs I would plateau, get frustrated and just revert back to old eating habits.

With Copper State FIT, I had had a coach who had a plan that matched my goals, would provide reassurance, provide my with realistic strategies to maintain my focus and saw me all the way to my goal. I was pretty healthy to begin and wasn’t concerned with my weight. Yet, when the weight did start coming off, it was amazing how much better I felt and moved during my workouts and my energy level also started going up.

My body fat just kept coming off. I wasn’t hitting the same plateaus as I would on my own. I was seeing a big difference in the mirror and in my workouts. When I achieved my original goal, My coach (Adam) dropped another challenge on me and I thought… “Why not we’ve been successful so far.”

Now I love how I feel! I know how to plan my meals to match the day. I don’t let myself get backed into a corner where I don’t have any options. As a result I look better, feel better, have more energy, and perform better during my workouts.

All in all, I lost 19.3 pounds and 6% body fat. I went from 205 pounds and 11.6% body fat to 185.7 pounds and 5.6% body fat!

Had I not made the decision to work with CSF, I would still be 205-210 pounds and grinding everyday in the gym to try and lose the body fat without any luck.

If you’re considering CSF, It is well worth the investment! You’ll be able to eat real foods, you get a individual plan with a coach to walk you through it and strategies to help you stay on track.

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