March 1, 2021

I grew up on the west-side of Phoenix and currently reside in East Mesa with my husband, teenage daughter, and three dogs. I work in communications, specializing in federal public involvement programs related to transportation infrastructure (think highways and freeways).

I am actively involved in several professional volunteer organizations where I work to promote, attract and retain women in the field of transportation (shout out to WTS Metro Phoenix!) and help young professionals in the transportation industry find success through networking and professional development (YPT International – Phoenix Chapter).

When I am not working or volunteering, my hobbies center around spending time with my family, traveling, mountain biking, boating, kayaking, hiking, reading, and cooking.

I reached out to Adam and Copper State FIT when I finally gave up on trying to lose weight through diet and exercise on my own. I carried 15 pounds around with me for literally years, trying to figure out how to drop it and straight up not succeeding.

I was hating the way I looked, I started to recuse myself from social activities, especially avoiding anything that required a swimsuit!

I consider myself pretty well versed in how to eat clean, which actually worked really great for me for years. As my metabolism slowed, this approach is no longer enough and not understanding how nutrition works kept leading me to dead ends. I am not one to admit defeat, so hiring a coach was a big deal – I was truly at the end of my rope and really just wanted to feel and look better.

I learned so much about nutrition when I joined CSF. I finally had guidance on how much to eat, which was grossly lacking in years prior, and what types of foods to eat.

After a few short months of working on dialing in my nutrition and getting regular workouts in, I was shocked to see the scale slowly but surely showing lower numbers every time I hopped on. I was reinvigorated, excited, and happy to actually see the results I was looking for.

Bring on the bathing suit! I am no longer preoccupied with what I look like in the mirror and am proud to look and feel stronger, healthier, and generally happier. It’s such a relief to feel like I’ve got my nutrition and exercise under control.

I think a huge win is dropping 15 pounds. I truly didn’t think it was possible… and while most people don’t even notice a difference, I can see it when I look in the mirror and feel great. I’ve established some really great habits as far as nutrition goes, building well balanced plates and still eating what I want.

If I hadn’t hired CSF, I think I would probably have given up a long time ago and would be 15 pounds heavier…. and still miserable!

If you’re on the fence or considering CSF… In a nutshell, I’d say “Do it. Period.” 🙂 Take out the guesswork, get someone to hold you accountable, put in the work, and watch yourself achieve those goals. It’s 100% possible with the right direction, support, and accountability!

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