June 21, 2021

Hello- My name is Richard Suttles. My family and I live in Arizona. We like hiking and exercising, but we still weren’t quite getting into the kind of shape we wanted.

For years I was working out, watching my diet, and staying active. Yet, I still had about 20% body fat (sometimes more), and I was probably 10-20 lbs. more than I needed to be. I’m in my fifties, so I knew it would only get more and more difficult to achieve what I wanted and maintain it.

I spent years in various gyms and trying multiple diets. I just wasn’t hitting the goals I wanted, which was frustrating.

My biggest challenge was my own certainty. I felt that I could get where I wanted if I just kept trying. But, after years of not accomplishing my goals, I finally overcame my stubbornness and started looking for professionals to help.

The biggest help from Copper State FIT is their system. They have a meticulous methodology for tracking exactly where you are, specifying where you want to be, setting up a plan to help you get there, and then holding you accountable until you get there. A lot of thought and expertise went into this, and it was just waiting for me. All I had to do was sign up, and hold on.

When I reached 11% body fat I finally realized the CSF system was working for me. I felt a tremendous sense of relief and excitement that I could look this good and feel this good in my fifties.

I have the same measurements now in my fifties that I did back when I was in the Marines (decades ago!). People stop me and comment on it, and ask me what’s my secret. And I tell them!

If I hadn’t come to CSF, I’d still be trying, but not quite making it.  If you’re thinking about this program for yourself, I would say it’s worth it!

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