August 23, 2021

I am from California. My boyfriend and I moved to Mesa, Arizona August 2020 to be closer to his mom. I currently work at Amazon as a learning trainer and I love it! Swimming, skydiving, anything gym related and family time are my hobbies. Getting outside my comfort zone and trying new things is a plus too just makes my days more exciting.

Before I joined CSF I was facing inconsistency and not holding my self accountable. I was stressing about not eating what I was “supposed to” then would eat even less thinking I was going to lose weight.

I tired several 30 day challenges and once tried a 24hr coaching program. Mostly, it was me, doing it alone, thinking I knew what was best.

It was frustrating because I would lose weight… but then, gain it back and not in the healthiest way. At home I was the only one eating healthy so that was one thing that made it stressful.

Starting a fitness journey is hard doing it alone. I always loved the gym but I loved food more, lol. One day I looked in the mirror and said I cannot anymore I wanted to make a change for me, my health, my future not just for a month change. So I scheduled a free consult call with Copper State FIT.

CSF is different because they care. I have coach (Dana) and she is amazing! She holds me accountable; when I make mistakes she is there to support me and all is ok. CSF is not for short term results. They help you build habits for the long term and the healthy way. Adam and the CSF team have always been so inspirational, I am glad to have found them.

We took baby steps and, in the end, seeing my numbers drop was amazing. I could not believe it; I felt great! I remember telling Dana I thought I scale was broke because I couldn’t believe the numbers! Taking pictures, weighting your self, counting calories and macros… it all works it just takes time.

Now I know how to make healthy choices. I am able to make balancing meals and know how to meal prep. I acknowledge that I am not on a diet, I am just making healthier choices and still enjoy what I eat.

If I had not started my journey with CSF I would still be saying I will start my diet next Monday just like every one else. Working 10-12 hr days and finding time to meal prep and work out can be hard but I did it!

I would strongly recommend CSF they are there for you, the team cares. If you work the program, you will see results. They have a great app and community where there’s recipes and blog. It is a must!!









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