October 16, 2021

I am a fire truck salesman for a living. I am married to the most beautiful woman in the world, I have 3 grown kids and we have 3 year old.

I am from Hartselle, AL and currently live in Huntsville, AL. My hobbies are Auburn football, hiking and backpacking and snow skiing.

A friend of mine tried Copper State FIT and couldn’t stop talking about how great he felt. So, I decided to give it a try.

Truthfully my problem (that I didn’t know I had) was that I have never really done “healthy eating” for any consistent amount of time in my whole life.

I often felt tired and run down. I consistently made unhealthy choices with eating (and drinking) and those choices led to more unhealthy choices with eating and drinking. I was not giving my body the things that it needed for me to feel healthy and strong.

I did some fad-ish diets a few times (South Beach a few years ago; keto for a month at a time a few times, etc.). But, I honestly had never put a ton of time or effort into them.

I am a smaller person by genetics so my weight never got very high so I assumed the way I felt (before I started with CSF) was just how you feel when you are 46 years old.

Copper State FIT was different than the other “diets” I had tried. Two things really stood out.

First, Copper State FIT is an honest to goodness plan that is based on science and experience. CSF isn’t a marketing scheme to get you to buy a bunch of individually wrapped “snacks”. It is a plan that is based on finding out where a person is failing to give his body what it needs, or giving it too much of what it doesn’t need, and taking small steps toward a long term solution.

Second, the coaching aspect was critical! Talking with my coach each week helped to give me a new understanding of food and my body and how I could learn to be healthy. Also, the accountability of knowing that I was going to talk with him each week really provided extra motivation for me when I was tempted to make bad choices.

The combination of science and experience based information with the expertise and accountability of a great coach allowed CSF to help me learn to be healthy in a way that I have never experienced before.

For me, I started to realize things were working about 3-4 weeks in. In the first 2 to 3 weeks, I remember struggling. I was struggling to learn how to weigh my food, struggling to get comfortable with the apps and honestly… I remember thinking that the things we were changing weren’t having much of an impact. I actually thought that I had made the wrong decision by going with CSF. Then, all of a sudden, I started to see and feel the difference.

Around the 3rd or 4th week I started noticing my energy going up. I started noticing that I was sleeping better. I started noticing that some of my workouts felt really good and I felt stronger. I started noticing that my mood was better. I was already working out 4 days per week, I was already drinking a lot of water, I was already getting 8 hours of sleep per night. All of the positive changes came because of the changes that CSF and my coach helped me make with my eating and drinking.

Now that I have developed healthy nutritional habits, I feel strong and healthy! My consistent daily energy level went from a 3-5 up to a 7-9 on a 1-10 scale. All because of the work I did with my coach and CSF.

My workouts are more fun, my energy is higher and I feel much stronger than I did before. I sleep really well most nights and I find myself wanting to make healthy choices more often instead of forcing myself to make healthy choices.

Oh, and my increased energy level and mood has had a positive impact on my family and the people around me. CSF has truly been a game changer for me!

I went from from making healthy choices through self-discipline to making healthy choices because I want to be healthy and I actually enjoy making healthier choices. That is one of my biggest wins.

I love feeling stronger during my workouts. I lost about 4% body fat and it feels really good to feel lighter and stronger. Also, my wife says I look better with my shirt off and that doesn’t hurt my feelings. 😜

I just know I would be in the exact same place I was before without CSF. I would be living with level 3 out of 10 energy. I would still be making poor nutrition and drinking choices… which usually leads to more poor eating and more drinking.

As I move toward my late 40’s I am completely confident that the changes that I’ve made are going to have a significant impact on my quality of life over the next 10 to 20 years!

If you are thinking about enrolling with CSF, do it! Do it and don’t quit after the first month!

There is a bit of a learning curve but you will have a coach to guide you. And, when you first begin to see some of the good affects of your work, it is a really great feeling that will give you momentum to keep going.

I can’t tell you how many people I’ve referred to CSF. To be in my mid-40s and feel lighter and stronger and healthier than I did 5 years ago, is a strong testament to what the coaches at CSF can help anyone accomplish.

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