January 17, 2022

Hello! My name is Katherine and I’m a mom to three awesome kids, and one sensitive Siberian Husky. I love to read, write, and take road trips with our family. Spending time with family and friends fills my up my social cup, just as much as re-reading my favorite novel next to a roaring fireplace. I’m a science-fiction and fantasy writer and I spend most of my days dreaming up new worlds, adventures, and villains.

Before I discovered CSF, I had high blood pressure, struggled with losing weight, and wrestled with how and what to eat.

I tried a few different diets and teas – basically anything that promised fast results, encouraged weird fads, and made me nauseous (the teas, especially).

The diets and new fads sometimes worked. When it didn’t, my self-esteem plummeted. When they did work, it would be hard to maintain the weight I lost and eventually, I would gain more than what I had started with.

It was extremely frustrating moving from one diet to another, getting displeased with the results, and ultimately, brawling with my inner voice that losing weight would never be for me.

As soon as I spoke with my coach, Dana, I knew what I was missing: accountability, encouragement, and hacks. I needed hand holding, some tough love (with equal parts boosts of cheering), and a new educated look at nutrition.

Portion control, accepting down days, exercising, and more – all of it came to play in my journey to losing weight. But more than that, Dana showed me it was, for me, all about mindset.

Believing that I will lose weight. Believing that I had the tenacity and the stubbornness to not fall short of my goals. To believe in myself and my ability to love my body – in whatever way, shape or form that was for me. And for me, it was losing weight and feeling confident.

I’m hard on myself, even though I would see the scale numbers slowly move down, or my weekly body measurements inching closer to my goals. So it was my coach that mentioned it and at that point; I remember sitting down on my bed, swiping through the before and after pictures of my body, spotting the weight graphs moving down, when I realized… hey, I’m working hard and it is showing!

I absolutely love my body! I lost an incredible amount of weight. I feel stronger and my mindset is clear to the point where I don’t beat myself up if I gained a pound or two. It’s because I have the tools to adjust my eating habits and the way I think about my body.

I feel great, I feel sexy, and I can play with my kids. But most of all, my blood pressure is down, so much so that my cardiologist is overjoyed with my significant improvement.

It was never about fast results. It was about changing the way I thought about food, enjoying it, and building layers of confidence.

With Copper State FIT, I learned to think positive about my body, and how to select nourishing, protein rich foods for my diet. Something as easy as using olive oil spray instead of pouring oil from a cruet is one example of a hack that helped me be aware and control calories.

My biggest win is that my blood pressure is at an all time low. My cardiologist is happy, and of course, I’m thrilled to have it under control with no medication. My second win is losing 32 pounds!!

Without CSF, I think I would be stuck in a feedback loop of trying these fad diets with their false promises.

You are worth putting in the time, energy, and prioritizing your body for you. Do this for you. Not for your husband or your children, although those are great motivators to have.

Join CSF for the accountability, the extra push to get you over the hump (we al have those!), and to learn how to enjoy your favorite foods.

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