February 21, 2022

I am originally from Las Vegas, but I’ve been living in Arizona for the last 8 years.

Since moving to Arizona I got married to my amazing wife and we have two great kids. I’ve also opened my own personal injury law firm.

Prior to joining Copper State FIT, I had no direction with my diet or exercise. I ate what I wanted, whenever I wanted. I would make attempts to eat better or exercise more. But nothing was ever sustainable.

I tried Isagenix for a month or so, I joined CrossFit gyms, and neighborhood gyms. But there was not enough structure to give me the help that I needed.

I “thought” I knew what I needed to do, but it was essentially “fools gold”. Just enough knowledge to think I knew what I was doing, but I really didn’t know anything. I lacked the accountability. There was no one to hold me accountable or provide direction.

Copper State FIT eased me into the process. When I first started, I thought it was really slow and wanted to jump ahead. But I decided to trust the process, especially since I was not doing anything prior to CSF. The weekly coaching calls were huge! Having that accountability really allowed me to stay on track and get through the harder days.

When I began to take notice things were changing, I sent a text to my wife, “I have a problem…” She responded asking what was wrong. I told her, “All my suits are too big!” The problem, fortunately, only increased. It is a great feeling to see the “hard work” payoff.

This program has given me a lot more control over certain aspects of my life. My eating and exercise are in a routine now instead or being sporadic or out of control.

What I learned while working with CSF is that you can live a healthy life style and still eat the things that you love. Tracking your food is not so much of a burden as it is a great tool. And, Eating health and exercising is not only good for your body but offers tremendous benefits to your mental health.

Everyone seems to think that losing weight has to be about eliminating and binging on cheat days. CSF teaches you how to live a healthier, balanced life with nutrition.

For the first few months I was losing weight AND still eating McDonald’s. What I learned was, although I was within my calories, I was still ingesting large amounts of sodium and other garbage. The thought of excessive sodium and other garbage never occurred to me.

Over the months that I worked with CSF I have lost 32 pounds! Most of my clothes no longer fit (they are too big). And, as a bonus, I have been able to significantly increase the speed of my runs.

CSF is a steady process. It teaches you how to live healthier and it allows your body to adapt to the weight loss.

Had I not decided to hire Copper State FIT, my problems would have been exactly the same, or possibly worse.

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