March 14, 2022

I live in Las Vegas and am 64 years old. I am retired and loving it after working since I was 14!

We have 5 grandchildren between the ages of 1 and 8 years old.

I have had to watch my weight most of my adult life.

I’ve tried many different things including weight watchers and keto (that really got me off track!) only to wind up frustrated in the end.

I would lose a few pounds and then “fall off my plan”. Or, I would lose and then go back to my old habits. Each time, when I stopped watching everything I ate, I gained it all back plus!

I needed a reset for my daily habits.

Copper State FIT has been a healthy and sound way to lose the weight.

I don’t feel deprived of anything because I have learned to balance what I eat with how much I can have for my body and my goals.

I’m eating from ALL food groups. Nothing is restricted and nothing is an absolute NO!

Within the first 2 weeks the scale was steadily moving down! I quickly got over thinking about food all the time because I was eating healthy within my calorie limits.

I had a some key takeaways while working with Copper State FIT that helped me stay consistent throughout my journey:

First, I learned to weigh myself without panicking when I go up a pound or 2.

Second, I discovered how to make my meals taste great without all the calories.

Finally, I learned how to make this way of eating my new normal!

I’m a bit of a clothes lover; long ago, I stopped liking myself in the mirror. Now, I’m feeling healthier, I have more energy and I LOVE the way my clothes look and feel!!! I have my nice thin wardrobe back!

I’ve been Getting lots of compliments from my husband, friends and family.

It makes me proud and confident in myself knowing I can do this!!!

I’d still be struggling without a sound roadmap if not for the help and guidance of Copper State FIT.

So, If you’re thinking about doing this for yourself, DO IT!! You won’t regret it.

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