April 4, 2022

I am from Queen Creek, Arizona and the third child of four. I am currently in nursing school and have about two years left. My hobbies include swimming, hiking, and traveling.

Before Copper State FIT, I was always working out, but I could never figure out why I was not losing weight. I realized it is because I needed to start tracking my calories and macronutrients and was not sure how to start.

Prior to Copper State FIT, I did have a coach that set my macros for me and we used MyFitnessPal. However, unlike CSF, I did not get weekly phone calls and my coach never changed anything up for me. I felt like I was not seeing any changes and I was getting incredibly frustrated because I was paying for help, but the help was not there. Additionally, I was eating the correct amount of foods, but did not see what I wanted to see.

CSF is the best program anyone could join. They actually care about you and your needs! My coach, helped me so much through all the health problems that I have been facing, such as learning about new allergies, a scary health diagnosis, and learning what foods can help my conditions.

The moment I realized CSF was actually working was when I noticed my confidence was increasing by the day. This is something that I pointed out to my coach and every week, it only got better. I not only looked healthier, but I felt healthier. I now have more energy throughout the day and an urge to push myself.

My life is just overall at a great spot now that Copper State FIT helped me overcome my challenges. I am able to focus in school because I have been getting the right nutrition and exercise. Additionally, I am not insecure about myself anymore! That was a major issue I was facing.

One thing that I learned while working with CSF was increasing my water intake. When it asked me on my weekly evaluation how much water I drank, at first I was putting below 1/2 of my body weight. Now, it has been over 1/2 my body weight every week.

Another thing I learned while working with CSF was the importance of getting in steps. This is another thing on the evaluation sheet that I would try to challenge myself to change and increase my steps each day.

What will stick with me forever are the monthly challenges. Three of my favorites have been the fiber intake, amount of sleep, and decreasing caffeine intake. These three were the most challenging because I had issues with them prior to joining CSF, but the challenges have really opened my eyes and helped me adjust in the best ways!

While working with CSF was pushing myself to increase weight during lifting. Prior to, I never deadlifted. That was until I saw “deadlift” as one of the options for the exercises. Within two months of trying to deadlift, my max went from 185 pounds to 265 pounds. I also set a new PR for my back squat, which was 225 pounds! One of the biggest wins is definitely a positive change in my confidence! I was really lacking it before, but now it isn’t something I worry about anymore!

I think if I had not decided to work with CSF, I would be lost. I would not know how to lose weight and how to change my unhealthy eating/daily habits. Additionally, I feel like my unhealthiness would have gotten worse.

If someone is considering hiring a coach, just go for it! Don’t even hesitate anymore. Copper State FIT has changed my life for the better. I feel healthier, I look healthier, and people tell me all the time that I seem like a happier person!

CSF challenges you to become a better version of yourself and I can promise they can help you do that because they helped me accomplish that!

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