May 9, 2022

I’m from Gilbert Arizona! I just ended a ten year career in the dental field and I am about to graduate a bachelors program in ultrasound and will specialize in sports medicine!

Before enrolling with Copper State FIT, I worked out and meal prepped consistently for years. I  pushed myself extremely hard in the gym with many different trainers and meal programs with little to no results. I felt extremely defeated thinking I was never going to see the results I was working so hard for!

I went as far as hiring personal trainers to help train me for a body building competition. I thought training that hard was the only way I would see results. I bought countless online meal plans and paid for supplements that turned out the be very generic and not personalized for my body.

In the end, I still felt defeated and even more frustrated that my body was not responding or showing how hard I was training and meal prepping.

I expressed my frustration with family, friends, and even doctors that I didn’t know what was wrong with my body. I looked into hormonal therapy and blood work thinking something internally was wrong with results coming back normal, and still feeling like a lost cause. I didn’t know what else to do but hope that one day my body would randomly decide to respond.

I watched my sister and brother-in-law use Copper State FIT with great results! Through their experiences I felt as if CSF would find a way to help me achieve my goals and help me understand what my body needed to see results.

After just 1-2 months in, I compared my progress from when I first started. In that short amount of time I finally saw a difference in progress photos, scale, and measurements that I was never able to achieved on my own!

The guidance I received during my weekly check-in calls with my coach (Dana) not only motivated me, but helped me understand what my body needed both physically and mentally! Dana not only helped me with nutrition and workouts, but she also took the time to help me understand what my body needed in order to succeed with my full time work and school schedule.

With Copper State FIT, I still trained and meal prepped similar to how I did before. Although, now I have a much deeper understanding of what my body needs. I take more rest when needed and I have dialed in my macros to work well with my body. Most of all, I’m not extremely hard on myself like I was before!

The shift in mindset is one of the biggest things I will take with me after working with Copper State FIT. Again, knowing when to take time off from the gym and rest when my body needs it and not push myself overboard. In addition to that, I have a much better relationship with food and more patience with my body’s results.

Had I not made the decision to work with Copper State FIT, I guarantee I would be in the same frustrating and defeating situation I was in before; over working myself, frustrated and confused as to why I was not seeing results.

If you are considering nutrition coaching, DO IT!! The weekly check-ins, the access to recipes, the workouts you’ll be provided, tracking on the app to stay accountable… it’s SO worth it!

Don’t waste years on being frustrated and trying to figure things out on your own like I did.

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