July 26, 2022

I live in Huntsville, Alabama, and I am married to Tim. I am bonus mom to 3 and have 5 grandchildren. I help people with their real estate transactions by performing detailed history searches on the property. I am self-employed (celebrating 10 years – this August!)

Before working with Copper State FIT, I just kept gaining weight. I was eating “healthy”, which to me meant little to no processed food. However,  wasn’t aware of how much I was actually consuming. I tried intermittent fasting and keto, and still was not happy in my own skin.

I never really wanted to be concerned with food. Furthermore, I was not a huge fan of logging what I ate. As I said, I was eating “real food” 95% of the time. Yet, I keep gaining weight.

When I had my consultation call, Adam told me I could continue to do things my own way in hopes my results would change. Or, I could try something different. I know what happens when you expect different results but keep doing the same thing.

I saw the success others had working with Copper State FIT. Not only that, but I knew some of them personally and heard their stories and saw their results. I knew it worked. So, I made the decision to start my journey with CSF.

Along the way, when I would get frustrated with the scale, I would look at the graph in the app. When looking at the big picture over a month, then two, then six… the overall trend was always down!

I recently had an acquaintance ask if I had lost weight. To date, I’ve lost over 20lbs working with Copper State FIT! My clothes feel better, and I even had to buy some new things.

I’ve had a lot of non-scale wins too! Once, while on vacation, I went to an ice cream shop and I didn’t finish what I ordered. To throw the remainder away was completely out of character. I do not like discarding food. But, what I learned for the next time was that I don’t need two scoops.

In my time working with Copper State FIT, I realized that just eating “real food” 95% of the time and not keeping track wasn’t working for me. I needed to have a better understanding of how much I was eating. CSF helped me learn how to do this by tracking my food and using a food scale to understand the portions my body needed.

Now I have a new perspective on food; no food is off limits, but all things in moderation.

If I hadn’t decided to start the journey with Copper State FIT, I would be in the same boat – perhaps even a bigger one.

If what you are doing has not been working, just try Copper State FIT. Listen, learn and do. Change happens. The system works!

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