August 29, 2022

I’m a mom of 4, a CrossFitter and Ultra Runner from Arizona.

Prior to working with Copper State FIT, I was able to stay lean when focusing on CrossFit. However, when I shifted my focus to endurance training (ultra running) I was continuing to gain unwanted weight. I couldn’t find a balance between eating enough to fuel my runs, feel good and perform at my best, or eating too much, which led to packing on the pounds.

I did work with another coach before Copper State FIT, and she was great! She helped me immensely with my original weight loss. But, once my goals changed to training and performance, I wasn’t seeing the same success.

The problem was; eating the same amount of calories and macros on my higher volume training days as my lower volume training days left me feeling hungry and defeated. That led to making poor eating choices.

From the get go, on my initial consultation call, Adam was able to acknowledge my frustration and outline a plan. He also explained how some of the details I was hung up on – from prior experiences – weren’t necessary for my new goals.

The plan Adam and I discussed was implemented immediately upon my first call with Dana. She not only helped me with my nutrition, but also cared about the whole health picture. She gave me grace when needed, but tough love when necessary.

With the guidance of my coach, I was able to reach my fitness goals (and beyond) while feeling confident with how I felt and with what I saw in the mirror. I didn’t feel like I had to choose between aesthetics or performance… I got both!

4 things I learned on my journey with Copper State FIT that each played a significant role in my success were:

  1. Calories matter most
  2. Protein matters second most
  3. Carbs and fats can be interchanged depending on training type, load and volume.
  4. You can split your calories differently to accommodate for long training days.

While working with Copper State FIT, upon entering my 100k in February, I was able to achieve my leanest physique of any other ultra. Meanwhile, I was hitting PRs in running speed, lifting, and CrossFit. I was also proud of how I looked!

I was able to wear a 2-piece bathing suit every day while on vacation! I also built the confidence to do 2 different photoshoots wearing just a sports bra as my top.

Had I not made the decision to give Copper State FIT a try, I would still be yo-yoing and/or not performing to my fullest potential. I’d be frustrated.

Even if you’ve worked with other coaches in the past, sometimes change is good. A new perspective is good. Having someone in your corner is good. In fact, coaches need coaches too! This is something I said to Dana since day one.

Sometimes we’re too close to the problems to see the solution… sometimes we just need accountability… and, sometimes we’re so busy caring, thinking and doing for others that we don’t have the mental capacity left to think about ourselves.

I have learned more than just the science of nutrition over the past year; I’ve learned about a new approach and communication, which I am grateful to have moving forward.

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