August 8, 2022

Hi, I’m Keren. I’m a wife and mom of 4. I enjoy cooking and taking care of my family.

Once I turned 40, I found it harder and harder to lose body fat. I could lose “weight” with other programs, but it wasn’t always body fat I would lose, nor was it weight loss I would sustain. I would quickly gain back most of what I lost, if not more.

I’ll admit, at first, I was looking for a “magic pill” (cost didn’t matter). I even went so far as investing in an expensive, popular HCG program. The coach was featured on Dr Oz. So, I thought it was legit. It did zero for me! Oh, yeah… and cool sculpting… that didn’t work either.

I felt exhausted and would try nearly anything to lose weight and feel better. Yet, none of the programs I tried worked, or taught me the importance of maintenance (the hardest part).

Ultimately, as a busy mom of 4, I was looking for help with lowering my body fat in a manageable and sustainable way. Copper State FIT was the program that finally worked!

With Copper State FIT, we worked on sustainable daily habits one by one. Having 4 kids and a short attention span, it was easy to forget about my daily habits. The notifications and daily reminders from the Copper State FIT app and Apple Watch app were helpful. I had mine set at 10am.

I learned to prioritize sleep. Having worked night shift for 9 years, I was used to the physical and mental fatigue. Finally learning to prioritize sleep was a pivotal moment in my health. When I would slip back into my night-owl habits, it would show up on the scale.

I also developed the habit of making water a priority. This was not the case before CSF. I felt exhausted all the time, and drinking water to keep up with my hydration helped tremendously.

My biggest challenge was meeting my daily protein goal. For that, I found that making a big salad with protein helped along with bringing tuna and relish while traveling or on-the-go.

My results speak for themselves. I have more energy to be active with my family, and I feel more confident in my clothes. I have also been able to maintain my weight AND I’ve added strength training to my routine.

Once I realized how to measure my waist (the right way, lol) I could see how much smaller my waist had gotten! In fact, I dropped over 8 inches from my waist and hips while losing 18lbs and over 7% body fat. I could really see it in my face. I was not as puffy.

If I hadn’t made the decision to work with Copper State FIT, I would still be seeking the “magic pill”, still be sleep-deprived and still be up searching the internet, late at night, looking at others having success and wishing I had the same. This time, I was able to find my own!

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