February 8, 2023

I am mom of two very active boys (11 and 13), and work full time in technology sales. I love spending time with my friends and family, especially when we have the opportunity to travel, and have new experiences. Walking and cycling are my cardio, and my mental therapy. I am a self-proclaimed foodie, and love trying new restaurants everywhere I go.

I discovered Copper State FIT two years after I moved my family from New Jersey to Charlotte. The adjustment to living in a new state took a toll on everything, especially my nutritional health. I was the heaviest I ever was (outside of pregnancy), I wasn’t fitting into my clothes, and my self-esteem was really affected by it.

Years prior to discovering CSF, I worked with StrongerU. I did see success, and had some key learnings, but nothing that I was able to sustain as a lifestyle. Right before finding CSF I was a sucker for every nutritional advertisement I saw. I tried shakes, bars, cleanses, and obviously none of them worked.

I was so completely frustrated with trying fad diets that I knew didn’t work, and that I was wasting my money on! Not only that, I even went back to StrongerU, but wasn’t getting the attention I needed, and questions answered in a way that resonated with me (no weekly phone calls as with Copper State FIT). I wanted tools and in some ways immediacy and all I saw was the scale looking like a pendulum with 5lb swings up and down.

Copper State FIT is different because of their deliberate approach to the process and building habits. A key differentiator to me was their focus on including fruits and vegetables as a major staple of your diet. I previously saw fruits and veggies as carbs that took away from the carbs I really wanted, like pretzels and crackers. With CSF, I learned the nutritional value of these foods, and also saw how much better I felt as a result of making them a big part of my daily intake.

Taking my weekly measurements was the first indicator that this was working. But my real WOW moment was when I took my second set of progress pictures. I was shocked by the difference I saw, how I looked when I started, and the pride I felt for the progress I’ve made.

Being a working Mom and someone that loves to travel, I have realized that you can still live a healthy lifestyle and enjoy the things that you love all at once. Working with CSF made me realize that I can do both. I can travel without completely sabotaging my plan or progress. I can enjoy my favorite foods in moderation without feeling deprived. Not only that, I also learned to have more patience. I have trusted in the long game. If the scale moves, it no longer ruins my whole day or disposition, because I know I have control over how I fuel my body and what it means.

Three specific things I learned and will take with me

  1. How I fuel my body! Including nutritious foods, especially fruits, vegetables, and lean meats are now a staple in my diet.
  2. It doesn’t have to be all or nothing! If you plan for it, you can still enjoy some of your favorite foods in moderation.
  3. It takes hard work and time! Just like I saw in the progress pictures, it takes hard work, dedication, and habit building which doesn’t happen overnight – but it does happen! Trust the process.

In 8 months, I’ve loset 32lbs, 16 inches and over dropped 14% body fat. Yet, the biggest win for me boils down to confidence; not only in living a lifestyle I want, but to feel good in my own skin while doing it.

If I didn’t decide to work with CSF, I would probably be broke – in many senses of the words. I would have had to buy a new wardrobe, my confidence would have been really compromised, and I would be spending money on fad diets wondering why it didn’t work. Thankfully, none of that happened, LOL!

You just need to DO IT! You’ve tried other things that haven’t worked, now try something that will, with just a little bit of effort and dedication. Think about it – you have nothing to lose and everything to gain

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