see a recipe you like? save it for later in your recipe collections.

Recipe Collections allow you to save recipes from the Make Your Meals Count Recipe Library to your own favorites called "collections". From there, you can build your own meal plans, generate shopping lists and much more. 

coming mid spring 2021


You missed out!

Save your favorites

Click the "save to collection" button on any recipe to add to Your Recipe Collections Inbox. Save as many as you'd like. 

plan your weekly menu

With simple drag and drop technology, Your Recipe Collections become your personal meal plan builder. You can even add "custom foods" from outside of the MYMC Recipe Library along with their calories and macros.

calories and macros Counted as you go

Full nutrition details will be displayed as you build out meal plans in Your Meal Plan Collections. In just a few clicks you'll have a completely personalized plan to put you on the path to success!  

print a shopping list

From Your Recipe Collections, generate a shopping list that you can edit down to the items you need, then print and take it with you on your next grocery run.