• If you have not already, download and listen to episode 8 of our podcast: “Setting SMART goals” below
  • Then, come back and complete your own SMART Goals Template and we’ll email you a completed copy to keep

Be specific and affirmative by using your name. Not just... "I want to run a 5k", or "I want to lose weight". EXAMPLE: "I, (Your Name Here), want to run a sub 45 min 5K by April 1st 2021 so that I can do the Pat Tillman run with my wife", or "I, (Your Name Here), want to lose 25 lbs by July 2021 so I can take a summer trip with my friends and feel confident in a swimsuit"
Describe in detail how you will measure progress to verify you are on track to meet your goal. EXAMPLE: Each week I will run one mile for time to measure progress and ensure I am below the 15 min/ mile pace to reach my sub 45 min 5K goal. Or, I will check my weight each Sunday to ensure I am losing at least 1 lb each week to reach my 25 lb goal by July.
Describe in detail your plan to acheive your goal and who (besides yourself) will be there to hold you accountable. EXAMPLE: To run a sub 45 min 5K, I will follow a 5K running program 3-4x week and lean on my coach for accountability. Or, To lose 25 lbs by July, I will meal plan and meal prep weekly while hitting my daily nutritional goals and workouts as my coach has assigned. I will lean on my coach and my friends for support and accountability.
Describe your "WHY" your "PURPOSE" behind the goal. This is also where you will list out any resources needed to help you acheive your goal. Try to use the word 'because' to help clarify your 'why'. EXAMPLE: I truly want to run a sub 45 min 5K "because' this will be a personal record. And, "because" this will allow me to keep up with my wife. In order to do this, I will need to purchase some new running shoes. Or, I want to lose 25 lbs by July "because" my friends are all taking a girls trip to for the summer and "because" I want to go with and feel confident in my swimsuit. I am going to need a pair of dumbbells for the home workouts my coach has programmed.
Set a deadline to which you will accomplish your goal. This creates a sense of urgency and also makes the goal seem more like a reality. EXAMPLE: I will run a sub 45 min 5K by April 1st 2021. Or, I will lose 25 lbs by July 1st 2021.